Friday, December 17, 2010

Curves is workin!

Today I got my reminder "Don't forget to be measured and weighed today!", well, I didn't forget, but I didn't do it--I'm gonna do it Monday. I have to remember to take different clothes with me to make it accurate off of my original measurements. BUT....I don't need numbers to tell me that it's working! The machines are getting easier--especially the evil squat one! I don't beg the "Change stations now" lady to tell me I can quit that one anymore! It's also harder for me to get my heartrate up to where it should be....I've gotta kick it up a notch!! I'm not too worried about what the numbers will say, I just love that I'm getting stronger!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eventful morning!

This morning, Munchkin had her first taste of peanut butter. She liked it--it didn't like her. Within minutes, she had red spots on her face and her lower lip was swollen! With her mouth being swollen, I was worried that she would have trouble breathing, so we headed up to the ER. Her vitals were all normal, thank God! They gave her some benadryl and zantac and the hives started to disappear. She fell asleep for a little bit and they let us go home when all her hives were gone. We got some medicine for the next few days. So now we just have to be careful of what she eats!! I am kinda bummed because this means I can't eat peanuts....and I LOVE peanut butter! Small sacrifice for my baby girl though! I hope it's an allergy that she outgrows!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Christmas!

As much as I absolutely reject any notion of Christmas before Thanksgiving, once Black Friday rolls around, I absolutely embrace it all! We put our tree up on Saturday and it's completely decorated--minus an angel for the top, because we don't have one. We're on the lookout! We put up our outside lights yesterday and they look great! I'm all for the Christmas music on the radio now, and throughout the day have Pandora's Christmas Radio station playing. (I may even have to upgrade to Pandora One if I'm not careful of my time!) We also have a small collection of Christmas stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Not surprising since I worked there for a little less than a year! We have Hal & Holly Moose (Holly has the "Jingle Bell Rock" sound in her hand and Hal has lights on his antlers), Frosty the Snowman that lights up and makes a "magic" sound when his hat is lifted, and a smaller Hal that was a gift to BABW employees (He wasn't available for retail). Munchkin LOVES them all! She's getting a Rudolph from BABW for Christmas as well, thanks to her wonderful MG who stopped by her BABW, since there isn't one anywhere near here! I love that she's old enough to have fun with Christmas this year!

I have a few stand-out Christmas memories: One, my stocking. My mom made both my sister's and my stockings when we were little. Auntie Em's has Disney characters (Pluto is the only one that stands out to me) and mine is Santa going into a chimney, along with a decorated tree on the roof. Why there is a tree on the roof, I don't know, but it's so pretty! I had a hard time my first Christmas away from home because I didn't have all the special things that made Christmas, well, Christmas for my family, one of which was my stocking. So last year I bought stocking kits for the three of us. MG helped me start Munchkin's and I started on mine....neither got very far and then got put away. Daddy accidentally knocked all the sequins and beads on the floor, and not knowing they were important, swept them up and threw them away. So we bought another kit for Munchkin's and I've started working on it again. I'll get hers done by Christmas at the very least! Unfortunately, my main needle broke last night, so I'm hoping I can get another one tomorrow! I have to find another one of mine too, since all the sequins were out and are now gone. So I don't know if I'll start on mine next or if I'll just jump to Daddy's since his is still in it's original packaging.

Another thing that I always remember from childhood Christmases is the nativity that my mom has. It's musical--it plays "Silent Night" (which is probably my favorite Christmas song) So now my expectations have been set pretty high!

I could probably go on for days about Christmas memories, but I won't. Maybe later.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 25--Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I'm thankful that, for the first time since Daddy has joined the Army, we had a Thanksgiving meal together! Not to mention it's our first Thanksgiving with all three of us. Munchkin didn't care for the turkey so much, but she loved the green beans! I'm also thankful for the technology of Skype. We're going to be able to spend some time with my family that way! So great to be connected even though we're not together!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24

Day 24-I'm thankful today for unexpected early release times! Daddy got to come home only an hour and a half after going in! We've had such a great family day! Most of my to-do list didn't get done today, but it'll be there for me later! These are the moments we can't get back and it's great to be able to soak it all in!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 23

Day 23-I'm thankful today for Sears. I became aware of their "Heroes at Home" program this year. During the holiday gift buying season, Sears takes donations to give to military families in the form of gift cards. We got our first (of 3) e-gift card email today. The donations are divided evenly among the participants that were selected. This year, the application opened and closed within 24 hours. That's how many people want to be a part of this. I feel so blessed that we were accepted and can have this to make our Christmas less stressful. So, not only am I thankful for Sears doing this program, I am most thankful for the amazingly generous people who have donated! Without those donations, there wouldn't be a program. So, to everyone who has donated--Thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Days 18-22

Wow...been a little bit of a slacker lately!!

Day 18-I'm thankful for yummy dinners! I'm looking forward to a few on the menu this week--not to mention Thanksgiving dinner right around the corner!

Day 19-I'm thankful for a kick in the pants today! I got a free week at Curves and went in for the paperwork today! Daddy's been encouraging me to join for awhile, and I finally did.

Day 20-I'm thankful for being Daddy's "taxi". It's rare to see him when they're out training, but he had some down time and needed to get some things, so he called me! It's always great to spend a few minutes with him--and Munchkin really loves seeing him!!

Day 21-I'm thankful for lazy family days!! Daddy was home, finally, and he got up with Munchkin and made breakfast. We got a few things done, but mainly we just had good family time!!

Day 22-I'm thankful today for Curves! I had my first day today and it was amazing how fast it all came back! I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to schedule it all now, but I'm ready to get in a routine!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Couch to 5K

Monday was Week 1, Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program for me. I'm not sure that I'll be able to finish it in 9 weeks, because I think I'm going to need to repeat some weeks in there. I completed Week 1, Day 2 today and did a tiny bit better than Monday, so there is progress! C25K days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I'm taking Lightning for a walk on our normal family walk route, which is just a little bit shorter than what I'm currently doing on C25K days. I know I'll probably miss some Saturdays, but that's ok. When I get halfway through the program, I plan on rewarding myself with some running gear from . My end goal is to be able to run with Daddy--who runs an 8 minute mile. At the end of the C25K program, I should be running a 10 minute mile, so not too far off! I bet he'll slow down for me until I can catch up! I'm excited to do this, which feels weird because I really hate running!!

Day 17

Day 17-I'm thankful today for Daddy's thoughtfulness. Daddy got to come home last night!! It was great to see Munchkin get so excited to play with him before bed. He didn't have to be at work until 10, but got up around 7 (I think) and cleaned up downstairs for me! I slept until about 8, Munchkin was awake in her bed, but happily playing with her toys. She had woken up about 5 and didn't want to go back to sleep, but after about half an hour of nursing and rocking, she finally went back to sleep. Daddy had noticed that I was out of bed for awhile, so he didn't want to wake me up! He even switched out the laundry and put her diapers outside to dry! (Speaking of which, I need to bring them in!) It was so great to wake up to that kind of peace!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awesome day!

When I dropped Munchkin off at watchcare for PWOC this morning, I was a little nervous. Her favorite lady wasn't there. It turns out she had to have her appendix removed and will probably be out for the next 6 weeks--meaning Munchkin won't see her again until Spring semester, since we only have 2 meetings left (we don't meet next week due to it being Thanksgiving week). I was all set for Munchkin to have a huge meltdown about me leaving her, but she surprised me!! She was happy--no tears!! I didn't even get a pager today, which was a first! When I picked her up, I spied on her for a minute. Usually, when I pick her up, she starts to cry as soon as she sees me. Silly girl thinks that that will make me think she's been so sad without me! So I spy on her now. When she doesn't know I'm there, she plays so well!! Today, she was on one of the rocking toys, just rockin' away!! Another surprise: she didn't fuss when she saw me! She just came over to me and asked to be picked up! The lady said she was so great the whole time, ate her applesauce well, listened, and played!! I mentioned her rocking and she said she'd been doing it for about 30 minutes! I think we need to figure out some room to get a rocking toy in here!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 16

Day 16-I am SO incredibly thankful for AMKOL. The ladies there are some of the sweetest, most supportive ladies I've ever "met". That support system helped me SO much during our deployment last year. Whenever I had a question, a "go me" moment, a day that didn't seem to end, a time when I thought I couldn't bear one more second--I could turn to AMKOL and there would be somebody to tell me just what I needed! It's an amazing place of amazing women. Without it, last year would have been so much harder, and even now, when Daddy is home, it's still an amazing place to be! I have LOVED being able to tell girls facing down a deployment that YES, you CAN do this!! I've been there, there absolutely IS a light at the end of the tunnel--and there really is an end to the tunnel!! Support, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to's all there!

Day 15

Day 15-I'm thankful for Kindermusik. I started taking Munchkin to Kindermusik classes when she was about 2 months old. She loves all the music and dancing! She loves to play with the other kiddos too! Her favorite part though? The instruments! She loves to bang on the drums, shake the egg shakers, hit the clackers together, all of it! She's so proud of herself when she plays an instrument and always gives herself a round of applause when she's done! It's also helped her learn to put things away! Very rarely do I have to tell her more than "Put in please. ___ all done." and she very nicely puts whatever it is in the basket or bag! In Alaska, our classes were paid for, minus materials, by the Army Family Covenant, since Daddy was deployed. Here, we were very lucky that Ms. Diane (our teacher) is extremely conscious of military families financial capabilities for things like this and has an amazing price and is willing to work on payments! She truly does this because she loves the little children and helping them learn and play! So today, I'm thankful for the amazing things that Kindermusik has done, and certainly will do, in Munchkin's life!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Day 14-Today I'm thankful that my kitchen, mainly cooking real meals, isn't quite so intimidating anymore!! I've even found a Diana-proof way to cook bacon!
*Cue flashback scene*
Back in early 2006, I wanted a BLT for dinner (Daddy was at work at Olive Garden). I started the bacon in the pan...and all of a sudden it caught on fire. An electric stove, not quite to the grease popping stage, and I STILL don't know what made it catch fire. I knew not to put water on it, since it was a grease fire, and felt it necessary to scream that to the empty (well, Lightning was there!) apartment. First thought: (after OMG IT'S ON FIRE!!) was BAKING SODA. Couldn't find any. So next best thought: FLOUR! This was back when Daddy had time for exploring cake decorating, so he had a huge tub of flour in the kitchen. I grabbed whole handfuls and THREW it at the pan. Resulting in burnt globs of flour and a kitchen covered in white dust. I finally got the flames down where I could get to the under-oven drawer where we kept the lids to the pans and got it on, putting the fire out by suffocating it. Next task: making the smoke alarm turn off. It was in our bedroom on the ceiling, but without a chair (and we didn't have a chair I could stand on) I couldn't reach it. So I just started jumping and trying to hit the button. I was eventually successful. I was a bit traumatized and couldn't cope with cleaning it all up, and Daddy came home not too long after. After the "are you ok"s, it was "What were you thinking?!?" We got it all cleaned up and decided that bacon was now a Daddy thing. I've been scared of cooking bacon ever since.
*Cue transition to present*
Tonight, I'm making Beef and Potato Boats for dinner. It requires bacon. Daddy's not home yet. Oh, look, my AMAZING panini press is still on the counter. It needs a new name. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times we've made paninis on this thing, but I CAN'T think of how many times we've used it!! It's amazing. So I set it a little higher and threw (Ok, I carefully placed) the bacon on it! No grease splatters, no burns (a couple of which I have on my hand from trying to cook bacon for breakfast last weekend--but Daddy stepped in before I had too much to do with it!), and it's actually a little healthier. The panini press can be sloped downward or level. When it's sloped downward, the grease runs off into it's little tray, so the bacon didn't just soak up it's own delicious fattiness. So now I'm waiting on the potatoes to finish baking so that I can turn them into boats!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13

Day 13-I'm thankful for the mess. Weird, huh? I'll explain: We have been very blessed when it comes to Munchkin's toys. Between Auntie bringing hand-me-down toys, everyone giving her gifts, and us spoiling her just a little, Munchkin's toys have their own mini-room. What is labeled the dining room of our house is Munchkin's Toy Corner. Granted, we never would have used it as a dining area, and I love having Toy Corner where it is. I love that Munchkin loves her toys and explores them! I'll love it even more when she can help clean up--she's getting there! I'm thankful that we have the things to make a mess. Now let's see about being thankful to clean up the mess!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12

Day 12--I'm thankful for Lightning. I know I mentioned him in Day 1, but he really is an amazing dog!! He pretty much house-trained himself, he doesn't have accidents (he does have "on purpose"es when he's mad that Daddy's gone though!), he doesn't chew things up, he doesn't bark a lot, and when he does, there's a good reason! I don't have to worry about leaving him at home when I go out, he's AMAZING with Munchkin, all kids really, and he's sweet. When Daddy's around, he really doesn't care if I'm there or not, but when he's not, he knows when I need him to cuddle! This year has been a little difficult with him health-wise, he has horrible arthritis in his back right knee and there's not much we can do for it except give him supplements and medicine for the pain. He's had to cut back on his frisbee time, which he hates, but he's still so active! He turned 5 this fall. It's crazy to think that we've had him for FIVE years!!! We adopted him from Rescue Farm of Evansville, Indiana--they were at Petsmart with him and his 5 brothers and sisters. No two of them looked alike. I chose a puppy and Daddy chose a puppy and we took them to a little room to play. My puppy wasn't very playful...Daddy chose Lightning. His name then was Pumpkin (they all had fall names, one of his sisters was named Cider--and we ended up running into her and her new family a lot around town!) and we had to wait another week to take him home, since they were due to be spayed and neutered. He was 8 weeks old when we brought him home. SO tiny. We were told that they were Shepherd/Terrier mixes and he shouldn't be more than 20 pounds full grown. They were just a smidgen off....he's 45-50 pounds! He's the perfect size--not too big, not to small. It's going to be a very sad day in our family when he's no longer with us, and even though we talk about what kind of dog we want after he's gone (We're currently thinking German Shepherd), he will definitely NOT be replaced, and he's set the bar high for any dog that comes into our family! Now lets all just hope that we don't have to see that day for another 10 years or so!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 10 & 11

Day 10: Today I'm thankful for naptimes. Those few hours every day to do things around the house without Munchkin either crying for me or trying her best to "help"--which I do love to see, most of the time--is so great! Even better is when I can relax too! I haven't managed to actually take a nap, but I have had some great quiet time to myself!!

Day 11: Today, I'm thankful for everyone being so thankful! Seeing the countless "Thank you Veterans" posts on my facebook newsfeed is amazing. We just have to remember to thank our Veterans the other 364 days of the year too!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9

Day 9: Today I am thankful for PWOC. For the 4 hours of free childcare, which in addition to giving me some time away from Munchkin, is helping her to tolerate different caregivers! Beyond the first two weeks, they have not had to page me to come get her! For the time spent with my class of very funny, warm-hearted, loving women. It's not uncommon for us to laugh, cry, and blush all in one class! So even though Tuesdays seem to be the only days Munchkin wants to 'sleep in' (as if we could really call it that!), we get up and make our way to the post chapel for PWOC!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8

Day 8: I'm thankful for choices. We have so many choices, many of which we don't even notice, but some are so important!! Most often, the important ones are more difficult to make. Being faced with a few important choices right now, remembering to be thankful for these options is amazing!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 6 & 7

Day 6: I'm thankful for my mom and her craftiness. Growing up, she always made us our Halloween costumes, Christmas dresses, Easter dresses, you name it, she would make it for us. She tried to teach me how to sew when I was a child and I got scared of it and didn't make anything other than a stuffed toy for our cat. When Munchkin was on her way, Mom came to visit me in Alaska. She bought me a sewing machine and together, we made Munchkin a diaper bag made out of Daddy's original BCT ACUs. (Gotta love the Army's obsession with acronyms!) I made a couple sheets and pillowcases for Munchkin's bassinet/rocker too. Well, you've been hearing of the Halloween costumes, and I've also made a bunch of spitties, cloth wipes, and diaper liners for Munchkin, as well as ring sling. I'm glad that watching her sew for all those years has made such an impression and I just hope that I can do some of the amazing things she has and pass it on to Munchkin!!

Day 7: I'm thankful for the fall weather today. Frost on the grass, current temperature of 40. Bright sunshine, clear blue sky. Weather I missed in Alaska--since it was like this in August!!! There's already snow there now...something I'm glad we're not dealing with right now. Living in Alaska did give me a little more appreciation for the season of winter, but I did love having a true summer here!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Three weeks...

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is now less than three weeks away?? I don't know about you, but for us, this year has FLOWN!!! (I know, I know, I keep saying that, but the year is just picking up speed!) It seems that the "Thankful for..." statuses are back on facebook, but I figured I would post those here instead!

Day 1)I'm going with the obvious here: My family. My husband, Munchkin, and Lightning are so amazing to live with every day!! Then we have the family that we don't see as often, but lots more than we did when we lived in Alaska!! As the saying goes, We start and end with family!

Day 2)The fact that Daddy is home this year!! When so many families are starting to face down their deployments, we're enjoying our time together. My heart goes out to all of those families! We are looking forward to our first Thanksgiving and Christmas with all three of us together!

Day 3)The Army. Crazy, right? No, not really. Daddy has a stable job that he loves and for the most part, we're well taken care of!

Day 4)Every past, present, and future Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, and Coastie. Without these amazing people, our world would be so much different. Don't wait for Veteran's Day to thank these people!!

Day 5)That I'm a stay at home mommy. I love the fact that I see (almost) every one of Munchkin's "firsts". I did, however, miss the first crawl--she was with Daddy for that one, but he did get it on video!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very hard thought

Sometimes StumbleUpon is not your friend. Days like today, for example. One of my interests for SU is parenting. This takes me to many mom (and dad!) blogs. Most of which I'm glad to browse. Others are hard. Those were the ones I was shown today. Two separate blogs chronicling the too-short lives of their babies. One of them was a few months shy of 18 months when she passed away October 11. The day Munchkin turned 13 months old, this precious child lost her life. It was something they had known was a possibility from the day she was born, yet their pictures show that they didn't waste that time. They didn't wallow in self-pity. They are an amazing family--and I just read a few posts! Of course this makes me think the hardest thought a mother could think--what if I lost MY baby? It physically hurts to even think about it. I cannot imagine living it. To lose a baby that you have held and loved for any time would be the most difficult thing to ever do. A miscarriage is a different pain, but it is pain. For me it was thoughts of "what would the baby have looked like?" "who would it take after?" (Since we had no clue as to the gender of that lost baby, we say "it" with much love--it is very much not just an "it") things along those lines...not the same. I know that parents who lose a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth love their children deeply. I am not saying that a baby who has lived in this world and dies is "better" or more missed than a baby who was lost in pregnancy. Having lived through that miscarriage, for me, it's a known quantity. I know how I handled it and I know how I would handle it again if faced with that situation...but the thought of losing Munchkin is an unknown--and I would like to keep it that way--therefore it is infinitely more scary. The families that have taken their situations to the world via blogs are incredibly brave. They're laying out some of the most intimate feelings a person can have, showing their vulnerability throughout their experiences of losing their child just so that everyone can know more about whatever condition caused that pain. They are brave and strong. They are an inspiration. For those families who are dealing with this, I wish them peace and comfort.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Does not come with catchy theme music...

While enjoying some down time today, I was using StumbleUpon and it took me to a baby name site. On this site it had a baby name generator. Ready for some giggles, I put in our names, selected "girl" and was presented with Marin. Eh...not so much. I selected "boy" and got this:
What's so funny, you may ask...well, it's just that I prefer to have rubber gloves when I was dishes by hand or use wet cleaners, my nails don't do well when wet for extended periods of time. So Daddy started calling me "Dexter's Mom" (from Dexter's Laboratory) as a joke. It was later joked that if we ever had a boy, that we should name him Dexter. So there's our little giggle for the day!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

At least I can dress the part

The part of a domestic diva, that is. I finished my apron today! It is by no means the most amazing thing to ever have been sewn, even by me, but I do have to say I think I did a pretty darn good job, all things considered! My goal for today is to get all my sewing projects done so that I can put all of the things away and not have to make room for projects in progress. The flannel for Munchkin's wipes and spitties (to be used to clean her hands, since she doesn't need them as spitties anymore) is in the dryer. It shouldn't take me long to whip up wipes and spitties. I'm not sure that we're going to use the cloth wipes 100% of the time, but right now she's got some bad diaper rash going on and the disposable wipes are making it worse. Plus it'll be easier to throw the cloth wipes in the diaper pail with her diapers instead of having to get the wipes into the trash can and avoiding the stinkies. Insert love of Diaper Genie here...I swear, we haven't smelled a single dirty diaper from that thing--even without the plastic insert!! I want to make a wetbag for it, just to keep it cleaner, but in order for that to happen, I need to find some suitable fabric....I wish true oilcloth was still available, but I'm going to have to settle for laminated cotton. Who knows, one of these days I may just buy a wetbag (as long as it's on super duper sale, of course!) instead. Now how did this go from my sewing triumph to diapers??? That is the mystery of motherhood!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's about time!!

Last winter, around Christmastime, I believe, I bought a ready-to-make apron (that's not the exact one, it's the same shape, but a cherry toile print). Fully intending to do it soon. I started it tonight! It claims "Easy Construction!"...while I don't think it's really difficult, I wouldn't call it easy! For a more advanced seamstress, it would be, I'm sure! I'm doing my first facing and topstitching on it, as well as my first ruffle.....that, I'm a little scared of! I doubt that this is going to get finished tonight, but I did complete Daddy's Fred Flintstone costume--including piecing together a tie out of the leftover fabric from Munchkin's Pebbles top! Hopefully it works out well, I'll have him try it on as soon as he has a chance!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just call me Wilma

I made my Wilma dress last night! It seriously took me about 30 minutes from cutting it out to wearing it! Not the best thing ever, but it's a Halloween costume! All I need to complete the outfit is some elastic string and styrofoam balls to make the necklace. I'm really quite proud of myself!! I just laid a dress on the fabric and cut around it (leaving more room than just seam allowance since it's a really stretchy dress that's tight!) then sewed it together! Since I used fleece, I didn't bother hemming anything (neckline, armholes, etc) because it's not going fray and I'm a cavewoman!! Cavewomen didn't hem! So the one I was most worried about turned out to be super simple! Fred is up next, I got the Man-Dress all ready to copy, and it's a good thing I made Daddy try it on to see where I needed to put things...the shoulder seams are almost at his elbow and I'm taking off about 2 inches on each side, not to mention shortening it quite a bit! Pebbles has proved the most time consuming....appliqueing little triangles isn't hard, but it sure is tedious!!

Day 2: Shoes? Are you kidding me?

Day 2 of FlyLady's babysteps: Get dressed to shoes (includes hair and makeup). Shoes? HA. I did wear slippers all day though! Yesterday was a no-leaving-the-house day, but I did get dressed with purpose! I kept my sink shiny. I even had dinner started before lunch! We had beef stew, I love when I get to use the crockpot! So, I would call Day 2 a success! I'm slowly but surely starting to ingrain some of the habits I need to get to where I want to be!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

I told you I'd post! I figured I better do it now before I forget! A couple weeks ago, Daddy and I were making up menus for the next two weeks so we could go grocery shopping. For us, that's way harder than it sounds! We made it though. One of our selections was Shepherd's Pie. Daddy found a recipe on Food Network's website, courtesy of Paula Deen. I figured we would at least give it a try, even though I was confused by what she wanted. First off, I got so super overwhelmed trying to make it. Not hard to do that to me! I recovered and only had to have a TINY bit of help that I could have even done without. Daddy had to layer it in the pan since I didn't read enough ahead--TIP: Read it, re-read it, then read it again before you start!!--and even though it says 9x9x2 pan, we ended up using our 9x13 (presuming x2) pan and filled it. It was AMAZING! I had the last piece of it today for lunch. It does say it makes 8-10 servings! We have agreed that it is most definitely something to be put in the standard rotation! So go ahead, try it!

Maybe...just maybe

Maybe this will work this time...Remember my plans? Well, they really went nowhere fast. I was afraid of that....I've always struggled with housework type tasks. Just ask Mom. Messy room from forever. One theory that I really identify with is that left handed people, as awesome as we are, can't see the forest for the trees. I get caught up in all the things that have to get done that I just don't know where to I don't.
Enter FlyLady. I tried starting her program before, but did exactly what she says not to do and did too much, too fast. I quickly got overwhelmed and burnt out, and did what I usually do. Quit. Today, I started over. I'm doing it her way this time--she says most people do it their way, fail, then try it hers, and succeed.
Today is Day 1: Shine your sink. This is the one thing I semi kept up with longest. It's simple. Mildly infectious. Easy to become obsessed about. Daddy laughs at me...when I'm caught up in the shiny sink rule my saying is "A clean and dry sink is a happy sink!".
I looked at Day 2 just to know tomorrow's task. It's "Get dressed to shoes" (Includes hair and makeup) Well, here's where FlyLady and I start to diverge. I don't wear shoes unless I have to. So that means I'm barefoot in the house. If I could get away with being barefoot all the time, I'd be in heaven. So I'm going to compromise. She wants lace up shoes, I say HA! I'll give her slippers, at least until my feet get too hot! Again, she says this is the biggest issue most people have, and they give in and love it...but at least for now, I'm being stubborn. (Hey, it's worked for me in the past!)
In addition to shining my sink, I washed a pan that was FINALLY empty (I'll post about our wonderful experience with Shepherd's Pie), washed the bathroom trashcan that had gotten a little icky, swept and mopped--even pulling out the shelves we have under the window! I also did my 30 minute WiiFit routine (yoga and strength), as well as the "Leaner Mii" routine of Hula Hoop, Island Cycling, and Skateboarding. That put me at 38 minutes, plus I added in the time it took me to sweep and mop.
Tonight I will shine the sink before I go to bed. Tomorrow morning I will take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, probably skip makeup since I don't really like it, and will put on some of my cute slippers that I got when Munchkin was born.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modern stoneage family

Our Flintsones costumes are well on their way to becoming reality! Sadly, I have managed to misplace both my camera and the battery no pictures. I have a feeling that will be a weekend project soon...clean/reorganize/find camera and charger! Here's the current status report:
Munchkin AKA Pebbles: Shorts--DONE in about 30 minutes! I was so excited that I pretty much figured it out on my own with a tiny bit of guidance from other crafty bloggers and basing them off of a pair of shorts that MG had made for Bebe when she was little! Shirt--Sewn and appliques pinned. 3 of 13 on the back are successfully appliqued, haven't even cut them out for the front yet. Hair bone--done in about 10 minutes! It was super de duper easy! 2 pieces of felt, some stuffing, rickrack (because I didn't have any white ribbon skinny enough), hot glue, and alligator hair clip!

Me AKA Wilma--I have a plan...I'm basing the dress off of a dress I currently own but is too small (like half a size too small) and has a hole in the side that isn't fixable. So it shouldn't be too hard to trace it and just add a few inches to either side. Only thing that worries me is the lack of a zipper and it being fitted enough look right, but big enough to pull on. (I am NOT attempting a zipper at this point..I'll get there, but not right now!)

Daddy AKA Fred--Again...I have a plan. Thanks to his deployment to Afghanistan (Wow....did I really just say that?) he is the proud owner of a man-dress. He also was given one by this unit due to the nature of their training at times. So I'm basing his costume off of the issued man-dress. The actual Afghani one is very nice and I'm kinda jealous!

So far, I'm really thinking mine will be the most complicated since it's the only fitted costume. I do have to say that I'm very proud of myself for how easy it's been so far. I've surprised myself each time I do something new, so hopefully that means that my fears for my Wilma dress are somewhat unfounded! Now to figure out how to get my hair in some semblance of a bun or find some other appropriate hairstyle! We will have to break character somewhat and wear shoes...but Daddy and I will wear flipflops to be as barefoot as possible (or we could wear our Vibram 5s). Munchkin will have to suck it up and wear socks and shoes though! I also have her cold-weather contingency plan--long sleeve whit shirt under the top and some gray babylegs to keep those little legs warm! I'm so excited for Halloween this year!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The whole neighborhood doesn't want to hear you scream

That's been my line to Munchkin today. We went to PWOC and had a great time--she stayed in watchcare the entire time again! She surprised me. I thought with the week break she wouldn't want to stay the entire time, but when I picked her up she was zonked out in one of the ladies arms. They told me that she had been great until the last 30 minutes, which was when she was tired. She even fights me for naps, so I'm impressed! Of course, since I interrupted her nap, it's been an interesting afternoon! Fuss a little, nurse a little, play a little, repeat. She finally took a nap for a little bit, but it obviously wasn't enough. She ate a snack but doesn't want to play. She doesn't want to cuddle, but she doesn't want to sit by herself. She is a very tired little Munchkin and it's too late for a nap and too early for bedtime! Hopefully Daddy calls soon and says he's ready to come home! I hate when nap time gets messed up, but thankfully we still have a few "secret weapons" to calm her down. (#1 being nursing) At least I know that she's got a strong voice!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time!

I've been neglecting my blog...I'm sorry!
Munchkin updates: She now has FOUR teeth! She got her third tooth (left fang) on her birthday and the right fang two weeks later--a day before her MG's birthday! She's outgrown her first pair of real shoes and is now onto her second pair of striderite shoes.
Shoes mean walking, right??? Not quite. Munchkin lacks confidence in herself. She will cruise on furniture like there is no tomorrow. She will walk holding hands--even holding just one hand--like she's been doing it forever, but the second she realizes that she isn't holding onto something or someone steady, she flops on her fluffy booty. She'll get there when she's ready. I'm not really expecting it for another few months since I was told that I didn't walk on my own until around 15 months.
She's said "baby", "ball", calls MG & Granddaddy's cats Ben and Jerry by name, has her own version of "Lightning" and calls him if she wants him. He hasn't quite realized that yet, but he's getting there!
She's discovered the joys of clapping and loves to clap to the beat of music. We've been slacking on teaching her more signs, so she doesn't sign as much anymore.
Super awesome development: On her birthday, she got the sleeping memo. She sleeps through the night! The only time she wakes up is if her pacifier falls out of her crib. I finally took the bumper out of her crib since she's stopped head butting the rails. Her bed looks so grown up! She varies what time she gets up in the mornings, but it's usually about 7, which is better than 5:30!

Since it is October now I'm so excited about making our family Halloween costumes. We are going to be the Flintstone family. My costume will be the most difficult since it is fitted (and white! yikes!!!) so I'm hoping to get started on those next weekend! I'll have to document my first garment sewing adventure here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The long-awaited jungle

Back in July, when Auntie Em (and MG, Bebe, and Mamu) came to visit, Auntie Em so graciously shared toys with Munchkin. One of them is a Fisher-Price jungle. We started to put it together....when we realized it was missing a vital piece. Since we were home for Munchkin's (and Granddaddy's!) birthday, it was the perfect time to get the missing elephant. MG came up with the idea that if Auntie Em didn't bring the elephant, I should take Bebe home with me! (Since Bebe is helpful, rather than Mamu who would be more work) Auntie Em DID remember the elephant, so Bebe is safe for now. :) I got the jungle all put together today and Munchkin loves it! She's been wanting to play with the pieces of it that we had, and was getting upset when she was told no, but now it's all safe and fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feeling sentimental

As Munchkin is napping on me, I can't help but think of this time last year. I didn't know it, but it was a week before Munchkin would be born. I was anxiously awaiting R&R leave, wanting to see my husband and for us to meet our daughter together. I am so incredibly thankful that we were blessed to have him by my side when Munchkin made her way into this world. (Even if he did stroke my leg in the most annoying way possible!)
That was our biggest worry when we knew for sure that we'd be having a baby during his deployment. Would he make it home??? It couldn't have happened without the supportive chain of command he had. They asked when the baby was due and tentatively set his leave dates around that. When I was unexpectedly called into the hospital at 37 weeks pregnant, learning at the last possible second that I might be induced that day, his commanding officers asked "Do you need to get on a plane today?". Thankfully, the answer was no. I was free to go home--and definitely packed my bag that very night!--and made my way to 39 weeks 6 days before Munchkin showed her pretty face. I was induced, but it was a planned induction. Partially because we wanted to guarantee that Munchkin would arrive in time to meet her Daddy and partially because my doctor was worried about blood pressure, which turned out to be an unnecessary worry. (Thank goodness!) Now we just know that doctors/hospitals/medical whatevers just really stress me out.

So today, while Daddy isn't home...but thankfully isn't deployed...I'm taken back to last year. So many things have changed. We've moved halfway across the country, dealing with a new home, a new unit with a completely different work schedule than before, and an almost one year old. Munchkin's Grandaddy and I had both set our bets on September 10th to be the day that she would arrive....and when my induction was set for that day, we both felt pretty secure in that bet. Well, she wouldn't let us win. She made her way to this world at 9:20am Alaskan time on September 11, 2009. 59 years after my Murmur had brought my Daddy into this world. What an amazing birthday present for him!

Daddy had to pack up for Afghanistan when our little Munchkin was just 9 days old. We said our "See ya laters" and counted the days until we could be together again. He made his way home in early February and saw just how much Munchkin had grown in those 5 short months. We've come a long way from that day. She very much knows her Dada now and asks about him when he's not home. Mainly just screaming "DADADADADADADADA" and crawling around the house. She loves when he comes home from work, stops whatever she's doing--even if she's throwing a fit--to smile and say "Hi!".

She's gotten her way today...I let her take a nap on me for the first time in a long time, but ya know what?? I'm not sure who enjoyed it more..her or me. I'm clinging to this last week of her only being months old. Next Saturday will surely be cause for great celebration in our family, but I'm not wishing this week to go by any faster!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today Munchkin and I went to PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) for the second time. Last week was the Fall Kick-off, and today was the first actual meeting. They offer free, on-site childcare with pagers for Mommy in case baby needs you. We tried using it last week, but as Munchkin has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety, it didn't last long. She was in there for about 15-20 minutes before she was "upsetting the other children". In other words, the other kiddos were getting tired and laid down for naps and she wouldn't have any part of that and wasn't afraid to voice her displeasure! This week, I went ahead and took her in, fully expecting her to need me quickly. I had to pry her little fingers off of my shirt, she did NOT want to go in there! As soon as she saw the other little girls and started to play, she was ok.
All during the singing, all during the Chaplain speaking, all during everything, I was waiting for that pager to start buzzing. When it didn't, I started thinking "Are they sure it's working??", since last week they didn't use them since they couldn't get them to work, then finally, "I guess she's alright!" We broke off into our Bible study groups, and about halfway into that is when my pager started buzzing. Glad to know they work! She had been moved up a room, I guess there were too many lil ones in the Infant room, so even though she doesn't walk, she was moved to the Toddler room. She had a grand time, ate her snack, got a diaper change...but just didn't want to go to sleep. I wasn't shocked, since she normally nurses to sleep or at least soon before she falls asleep and loudly protests if she isn't. She was good with me back in the room though, so all in all, I called it a BIG success!!

So proud moment, #2!
Since her nap schedule was all thrown off today, I finally got her to nod off a little before 2. I took her upstairs and put her in her crib, I knew she was out because she didn't even bother to roll to her side! Well, about 10 minutes after I put her upstairs, she sat up and started fussing. I was in the middle of something, so I couldn't immediately go get her. Turns out that was a good thing! She actually laid back down and went back to sleep ON HER OWN!! That is the first time she has ever done that at naptime. She's done it occasionally at bedtime, but even that is the exception rather than the rule. I wouldn't really call it "crying-it-out" because she doesn't really cry, she just makes some noise. If she really cries, one of us goes to get her. It makes me proud and a little sad all at the same time--she really is growing up.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swimmin' in the rain!

Yesterday I had to go up to the housing office to take care of some stuff and saw that the pool was absolutely deserted..maybe a mom and her baby there. Going to the pool sounded like a great idea, it was just me and Munchkin since Daddy had to work. Well, we were coming up on naptime, so I figured it would be good to get home, get a nap in, then head up to the pool for some fun. Munchkin had other ideas. Naptime was not on her agenda, at least not for awhile.
We've been dealing with some nasty teething the past week and I'm SO ready for these lil suckers to break through and give her some relief! She's been getting her timely doses of medicine which is thankfully helping.
Now back to yesterday...I nixed the pool idea because by the time she got up from nap it was way too late to go. We took Daddy supper, and by the time we got home and she ate, it was time for bed! Fast forward to this afternoon, when we all crashed for naps. Daddy slept the longest since he was at work for 24 hours and only got a couple hours sleep last night. When he got up, I suggested going to the pool. He thought it sounded fabulous, so we all got ready and walked up there. It's good exercise and prevents wet car seats!
We get there, sign in, and get to swimmin! Munchkin LOVES the pool, she really loves splashing like she does in the bath but on a much grander scale! I noticed some dark clouds overhead and oh so silly me stated "I hope it doesn't start storming!"...cue the rain. We were close to the lifeguard tower, which the lifeguard was hiding under. People started getting out and going under umbrellas and the covered area. I don't get're already wet and you're not wanting to get wet? The lifeguard told us a few minutes later that we needed to get out since the rain had gotten heavy enough they couldn't see the bottom, so we complied. As soon as we got out of the pool, she says we can get back in since it let up. So we go back to swimming. The majority of the people were still huddled under their umbrellas! More pool for us! We swam around for a bit in the rain. It didn't stop us at all! We walked home in the drizzle/rain, all glad that we went swimming today. It was a great way to spend our afternoon. I can't speak for Daddy and Munchkin, but now I'm flat out exhausted! After not enough sleep last night, a not long enough nap today, and swimming, I'm beat! I also want to curl up in sweats like I do every time I come in from swimming, even though it's hot outside I'm cold!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy busy bees!

I decided that Munchkin and I have to get out more. We'll both be better for it, and hopefully make some friends here! Last week was the Fort Polk Spouses' Club Super Sign-Up (try saying that three times fast!!), so I went to see what super things we could sign up for. The local Kindermusik educator was there, so it was nice to meet her since we've been in touch through email for the past few weeks. We start that at the beginning of September. It'll be good to get back into Kindermusik classes! The PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) was also there, so we're going to go to their Fall Kick-off on Tuesday. They provide free on-site childcare, and Munchkin is even welcome to stay with me if we're not comfortable leaving her in the childcare. We'll work up to having her away from me. It'll be good for her too! Next week marks our last Parent & Child Yoga class, which makes me sad, but it's for a good reason--our instructor is expecting her second baby girl at the end of September! Hopefully she'll have a smooth labor and delivery and will be back soon. Don't fret though, our Wednesdays will have an activity still, Baby Sign class starts back in September! I hope that enough people sign up for it! Thursdays, at least for the next month, will have Infant Massage class in the mornings. We had our first class today, and once Munchkin realized it felt good, she relaxed and let me rub on her lil arms and legs. She really liked the book they gave us! Fridays are empty...and I think we'll keep them that way! Best thing is, everything but Kindermusik is on post and either free or low cost! I'm excited to get involved!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Munchkin is practicing "putting in" and "taking out". She loves to play this game with laundry baskets. When she's playing with them, I call them her treasure baskets. Well, she found a laundry basket that actually has laundry in it. All hers. So she pulls clothes out, puts them back in, repeats. Well, I managed to get photographic evidence. She loves having her picture taken, and of course looks at the camera giving me an innocent, "who me??" look. Silly girl, you got caught red-handed! She's growing up so fast and learning so much!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ribbit!! Ribbit!!

Last month, I decided that Munchkin needed a wading pool. So we trotted off to WalMart to buy one. It's very cute, it has flowers as a sunshade and little butterflies that velcro to the stems. When we moved to our new house, we just deflated it and put it on the back porch. A couple nights ago I decided that I should finally air it up again. So I did. Of course it was filthy and filled with bugs, so I filled it with water and poured in some all-purpose cleaner. I let it sit overnight and was going to scrub it clean, rinse it out, and fill it with fresh water all ready for splashing yesterday, but Mother Nature had a different plan. It stormed most of the afternoon.
Fast forward to this morning: Mark headed outside to clean up the backyard since today is our lawn care day (yay for having housing do that!). He came back inside and told me that Lightning had a fun time playing with the frog in the pool. Uhh, what?!? Sure enough, sometime during all the rains last night, a frog decided her pool looked like a nice spot for a swim.

Munchkin and I went to say hi when I realized that he couldn't get out. So, the poor lil guy (I'm assuming guy, I don't exactly know how to tell and I didn't really get THAT close!) was stuck. We went inside and I got a little bowl to put underneath him so that he would have something to push off of to jump out. Mr. Frog, as we named him, was scared of our rescue attempt, so he feverishly swam in circles. Munchkin did like watching him swim though!! I finally got the bowl underneath him and helped him get out of the water. Mr. Frog hopped to the yard, and hopefully back to a nice, safe place. Maybe we'll see him or one of his friends again soon!

This morning reminded me of two things: We'll start with the most recent. Last week, when Mamu was visiting, we visited the pool. They have the awesome zero depth entry, so we were playing in the very shallow water where he kept wanting to hop like a frog, so we would hop saying, "ribbit, ribbit!"
Now, for the funnier story: When Auntie Em was in high school, she was swimming in our backyard pool. All of a sudden she starts SCREAMING and gets out of the pool as fast as humanly possible. MG and I go outside to see what all the commotion is about: A frog! Apparently that frog thought that our pool looked inviting, and as with the encounter with Mr. Frog, absolutely couldn't get back out! I believe the frog may have jumped on her head or some equally startling action, but we still laughed at her. All in good fun, though! I've had quite a few frogs jump in with me and they're always grateful for the help to get out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

And the craziness begins!!!

That could be the title to most of my days! Let's just go in chronological order! We had a fabulous visit with MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, & Mamu last week! We went to The Children's Museum in Lake Charles, since there is nothing to do in Leesville, on Wednesday. We had a blast! Munchkin is a good excuse for me and Daddy to act like kids again! (Well, Daddy never really stopped, but he gets a lot less weird looks with Munchkin in tow!) There were a lot of cool things at The Children's Museum, my favorite being the heartbeat drum. You put your hands on the sensors and it caused the drum to beat with your heart. Very cool to see Munchkin's heartbeat like that! It was two sided, so we had Daddy on one side and Munchkin on the other, and her heartbeat was a little more than double his, so it made for some very interesting beats! There was also the bubble room where you could be in a bubble, Bebe was very excited about being in a bubble!! The room next to that was the karaoke room...we got to sing "Winnie The Pooh", "So This Is Love", and "You've Got A Friend In Me". Looking back, that's kinda creepy. Auntie Em loves Pooh Bear, I have a slight Cinderella obsession and MG and Mamu are BIG Cowboy Spaceman (Mamu speak for Toy Story) fans! There was no way for us to choose the songs, it just randomly chose them for you!
Once we returned home, it was pretty much time for dinner. Mamu LOVES meat-a-ball-as, as he says, so we made homemade meatballs and Daddy started his homemade sauce before we left that morning. Then while the two lil kiddos took a bath, Bebe, MG, and Daddy all played Wii. Auntie Em and I joined in after Mamu and Munchkin were in bed. Then it was time for Bebe to shower and get ready for we broke out Rock Band! We did pretty good, but most importantly had a great time!
The next day we just stayed around here, Bebe had asked to go roller skating, but we couldn't find a rink that was open. We went to the pool and had a grand time there, then came back to the house for lunch and naps, well, and more Wii playing! Since we couldn't go roller skating, we went bowling instead. Mamu even got a strike! There was more Rock Band playing that night, when we played Rock Band: Beatles and decided that Ringo was just doing his own thing and it's a miracle that he could play the same song twice!
Friday morning, Daddy had to go back to work, his free days off had come to an end. So MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, Mamu, Munchkin, and I all packed up the strollers and headed to the park. There wasn't anything for Munchkin to do, the swings that I thought were baby swings were more toddler swings--no front to them, just a chain. Bebe claimed a space to be her 'store' and had a good time selling us refreshments--and baby food was free! I took Munchkin down a slide, Mamu had a good time climbing and sliding and Bebe had a good time too. We headed back to the house and had lunch, played just one more game of Wii and it was time for them to leave. We loaded everything in the truck and got them sent on their way. It was a fabulous visit and we're very sad that they're gone! I can't wait for their next visit!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

And we're done!

After one month of living in absolutely lovely temporary housing, we got a call from the housing company on post. They had a house available for us to look at!! Fabulous...except it's in the one neighborhood that is away from EVERYTHING. Granted, it's not the worst neighborhood on post, and by this point we just want a house to put our stuff in, so we agree to look at it. It's so much nicer than our house in Alaska, and we're viewing the distance as a good thing so that Daddy feels like he's kinda sorta away from work.
We got the heck out of the temp. house--they wanted to start charging us money the next day, so thankfully the housing company had fabulous timing! Our stuff was delivered 4 days later, we unpacked the trailer the next day, and then we had the timer going. My mom (MG), sister (Auntie Em), niece (Bebe), and nephew (Mamu) were coming to visit!! We got things unpacked in record time, even with Munchkin throwing fits left and right and poor Lightning not sure what the heck was going on! There are a handful of unpacked boxes, but most of them are books and games waiting on a bookshelf since ours was broken in transit.
Speaking of broken in transit...we ended up with a LOT of damaged or broken items, all big things. Only one glass was broken, so I saw that as a victory! We had a solid steel restaurant prep table from the days that Daddy worked in restaurants...this sucker was HEAVY, like I couldn't help move it heavy. Completely ruined. We're still not sure how it broke the way it did. Unfortunately, since we were the ones that packed and loaded the trailer, it's our loss. Our insurance doesn't cover those things (I'm not sure any insurance would, they'd be out A LOT of money all the time!!), so we're living and learning--Army moves for us from here on out!
So, we're pretty much settled in our new house, recovering from an amazing family visit and getting back into the swing of Daddy's "normal" work schedule! All about the amazing family visit later!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy Moments

During diaper change time today, I had a thought....How many 'mommy moments' have happened in the short first 10 months of Munchkin's life? The first one happened when she was only hours old. She swallowed a lot of fluid during labor and delivery, needing deep suction a few times after birth and spitting it up a few times. One of those times I didn't have a burp cloth handy or anything I just put out my hand. I asked Daddy for a paper towel since he was right by the sink area. He just asked, "why?". I wasn't even grossed out in the slightest. Many more moments like that have passed, things that would've completely turned my stomach mere months before Munchkin arrived are commonplace today. Not too long ago, Munchkin projectile vomited into my lap, without a word a dishtowel was tossed my way and Munchkin was handed off. I just put my clothes in the washer and went on about the evening. Since we use cloth diapers, we have to flush the poo. That was the mommy moment that sparked my thought this morning. I thought absolutely NOTHING of grabbing the poo with a wipe and carrying it from the living room to the bathroom and tossing it in the potty, wipe in the trash, of course. What us mommies won't do for our Munchkins :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rule one of Army Wife Life

We're an Army family, so we move. It's the one constant we can count on: change. Of course the questions we ask each other are: "Where have you been stationed?" or, if a PCS (Permanent Change of Station--ie: moving) is coming up, "Where are you going?". We don't ask where you're from, because likely, that was 10 moves ago. (And a LOT of people answer, "Texas", since it has a VERY high enlistment rate) So of course when we were getting ready to leave Alaska, everyone was asking, "So, where are you going now?" and when we would answer, "Fort Polk, Louisiana" we almost always, without fail got the answer of, "I'm so sorry!" In reality, we CHOSE this assignment, which isn't always possible in the Army. We got lucky and got choices.

There were quite a few pros to the one con: it's in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. Generally everyone was sorry that we're now living an hour from civilization either way, either Alexandria or Lake Charles. Well you know what? Post does have a lot, there's a Wal-Mart in Leesville which is right outside post, and online shopping is an amazing resource. I honestly believe that life is what you make it and each of our moves is a new adventure. Alaska was not on my list of places to want to live...I actually asked to specifically avoid AK...but we ended up there and loved parts, hated parts, and generally tolerated parts. Do I want to move back? Not really. Will I if we have to? Absolutely.

One of the hardest parts of PCSing is making new friends. That's the same for ANYONE that moves. Thankfully the Army is aware of our constant moves and makes things a little easier sometimes. Not to mention the other wives are just as anxious to make new friends. Just this morning I went to a parent and baby yoga class and had a good time, then early this afternoon I went to a baby sign language class. The yoga cost me $2 and baby sign was free. We've now got things to do on Wednesdays. I was made aware of a playgroup on Tuesdays. You've gotta put yourself out there for the people to find you. Munchkin is a GREAT icebreaker, especially in baby oriented classes. She's my "something" in common with other moms. I think we've got a new friend for 1:1 playdates. I'm hoping that I can find more things to do to get us out of the house, but we've got a start.

So, rule 1 of Army Wife Life: Make a conscious decision to make the best of it. It's not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two! Two teeth!!

Well, my last post about Munchkin--back in April--said I was dreading teething. Well, I knew it wouldn't wait til we got our own house again, but so far, so good! She got her second tooth yesterday, her first one she was a little fussy for a few days, but nothing requiring tylenol, just some teething tablets. The second tooth was a surprise! We were at lunch and she was eating some yogurt melts, since she's now learned to feed herself!!!!, and I saw more white..sure enough, that second tooth had popped through! I hope that the rest of it will be this easy, but I know that's wishful thinking!

What a ride...'s been awhile! The whole month of May was CRAZY! We moved out of our house, Munchkin and I flew home to TX while Daddy and Lightning drove/rode the ferry/drove some more! We're almost ready to go to LA...and we're crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs, get the idea...that we'll get a nice house quickly. I think that most any house we get will be 'nice' in my opinion because it's not hard to be nicer than what we moved out of! It was a decent house, don't get me wrong, but it was old and had it's issues. Looking online, it seems they're nice--at least fairly new. (And by fairly new, I mean built in the last 30 years) I'm ready for a place of our own again....and sadly, I'm most excited for my new washer and dryer! We got front loaders (with pedestals so I don't have to break my back getting stuff in and out of them!) and I'm SUPER excited to use them....yes, I'm excited about laundry. A little too excited. I also can't wait to get Kathryn back in her cloth diapers. She wore them for awhile here, but it got too difficult to wash them with us going between our parents houses. Disposables are more convenient, but I love her cloth. Here's hoping that we're in a house soon!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Learning = no sleep

I'd read (probably from some email) that when babies learn something new, it messes with their sleep. We've learned that is so very true the past couple nights. Munchkin by no means sleeps through the night, but she's much better than she used to be. She used to be up every two hours, now she'll sleep in 4, maybe 5 hour stretches. Last night she slept for an hour, then two, then she was so fussy I had to bring her downstairs to the living room so that Daddy could get some kind of sleep since he has a busy day today. After she screamed herself to sleep while I held, rocked, and cuddled her, I passed out with her on the couch. She woke a few hours later to eat at her normal time. I fed her and ventured back upstairs. I put her back in her bed, snuggled her seahorse next to her, and carefully crept back to my own bed. She slept for an hour. Thankfully Daddy heard her crying and brought her to me, I couldn't drag myself out of bed to feed her in her room, and I have a feeling she wouldn't go back to bed in her crib anyway. She nursed, then fell asleep, I didn't hear the alarm go off, I didn't notice Daddy get out of bed...thought Lightning was him since he curled up on Daddy's pillow, didn't realize what time it was when he woke me up at 7. Munchkin nursed again then Daddy brought her down to eat her bananas and cereal--which she wouldn't eat. I guess she was too full from nursing still. She ate them later. Now she's napping on me, I'm praying that she'll allow me to put her in her crib and have a GOOD nap today. She hasn't had good naps in two days, two nights of not so great sleep...all because she learned to crawl. I'm terrified of what will happen when she starts teething--7 months old and she still has no signs of teeth. I can only imagine those sleepless nights, and I hope that it at least holds off until we get settled in our new house, although I know that's asking for a lot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plans plans plans

I have so many plans for when we move. Well, more accurately, after we get settled. I have to kick my booty in gear and get in shape...and yes, round is a shape, but I'm tired of being that shape!! I have a good plan, as long as I stick with it, I know I'll succeed. It's just the sticking with it part I'm worried about. We'll need to find a playgroup or two for Munchkin, see about enrolling her in Kindermusik again, she loved when we went, but I don't know if we'll be able to continue. If no Kindermusik, we'll definitely have to be in a playgroup or two! I want us to find a church that we can agree on...that's going to be harder than it sounds. I miss going to church, I really do, but we haven't been able to agree on one yet. I hope to do so much after we're there. I want to get more into the "domestic diva" role, keep on top of the housework and not let it overwhelm me so that we can all still have time to enjoy our time as a family. I don't want Munchkin looking back on her childhood saying "Mommy always had the house clean." though, I want her to remember us playing, going to the park, etc. I really hope that there are nice parks there, from the sounds of it, there are, even a dog park for Lightning! I know that I can't be the perfect wife and mother, but I want to be the best I can! I hope that I'm not over-planning myself.

A new day!

Well, we got paint for our room last night, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Not quite sure WHEN we're going to paint though..probably as we get ready to leave for good. Munchkin's toys are ALL around her today, makes me happy to see her playing with the toys she got for Christmas!! Her toy spot has been claimed by the new weight set...we don't have to worry about not having enough weight in our HHG shipment! I'm only worried about where they'll go in the new house! We're crossing fingers and toes that we'll have a garage and it will have enough room to put them and the car. I WILL be able to park my car in the garage!!!! From looking at the pictures/floor plans, all the houses in the neighborhood we requested have garages, I just don't really know how big. I'm horrible at estimating square footage and room size, so even if someone says it's "x ft by x ft", I'm still lost. I just want enough room to live comfortably and not have Munchkin and her toys constantly underfoot. I think that anything will be an improvement over this though...this is a pretty crummy house, but it's a good starting point! At least we have a small chance of being disappointed in a new house!

A side note: Munchkin got Sesame Street on DVD...40 Years of Sunny Days. We're watching (well, it's playing, she's more interested in her ball spinner) season 1 right now....WOW, talk about 60s. Nice hair/fashion! We love SS in our house though, Elmo & Cookie Monster are the current favorites.

Newest Munchkin development: CRAWLING! Yep, she's off. No corralling her now! She's been scooting for awhile, but she's got the actual crawling concept down! I'm so proud of her!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling down stairs=no fun!

Yesterday morning, I was coming downstairs after getting Munchkin dressed. One foot slipped off a stair, I thought I caught myself..only to slip off the next stair! I bounced down a few stairs on my back/hip, thankfully Munchkin just barely bumped her head after we had stopped. She was more scared than anything. I took some ibuprofen immediately because I already felt sore in my hip. I felt fine the rest of the day. It wasn't a horrible fall, so I didn't think it would be bad. Munchkin woke up at 4am to eat--yay! That's late for us!--but the downside was that she was ready to go!!! I'm NOT getting up at 4something in the morning! So I brought her to bed, she nursed again and then fell asleep. She was pressed up against me until Daddy came home from PT! So between not being able to move and falling down the stairs yesterday, my back is not a happy camper!! Hopefully the magical ibuprofen will help again today!! Needless to say, I'm being SUPER careful on these stairs now! Hopefully our next house doesn't have any!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy house

Since we're moving in less than a month, we've had to kick our packing into high gear. We finally attacked the basement today, that was crazy!!! A lot of stuff is getting donated, we haven't needed in the two years we've lived here, we don't need to move it! I'm finally getting to be brutally honest with myself and getting rid of clothes that I've kept because "I'll get back into them!" yeah, I might be those sizes again, but they are clothes from high school. That was at least 6 years ago..some of them were from sophomore and junior year, so some of those clothes were 8 years old. I think I can part with them. I really shouldn't be wearing the same things that I did in high school. There are things I'm keeping for sentimental reasons, but much less than I really thought I would. I'm planning on making some t-shirt quilts so that we can actually enjoy them instead of them sitting in boxes. Moving is the one time that I get extremely unsentimental. It's nice to see my closet much easier to choose what to wear when I don't have to rifle through a million things that I don't wear!

Lightning is still freaking out, especially since Daddy took the dining room table apart today to make room for all the boxes we packed. Munchkin thinks the house looks funny, but as long as her toys don't disappear, she's fine! I hate the moving process, but I can't wait to get into our new house and REALLY make it home. We never really decorated this house "Next weekend honey." was M's excuse ALL the time, so I plan on getting the new house completely decorated within the first month. With the exception of ordering Uppercase Living. I'll have to order that after we get there anyways, so that will just be put up as it comes in. Needless to say, I'm excited..but VERY freaked out at the same time! I have lots of plans and expectations for this summer...let's hope that it lives up to at least some of them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poor Lightning

Lightning isn't sure what to think with the house in disarray. We have packed boxes, empty boxes, random Army gear laying around. Especially when Daddy has to pack up lots of bags to turn in gear! He's gotten the opportunity to jump, so he's using borrowed equipment since his was turned in today. He rigged it up tonight to be ready and Lightning just pouted on the couch. Yes, the dog pouts. I wish that I could make him understand that Daddy isn't going anywhere. Hopefully he realizes that soon. His whole world is going to turn upside down soon enough with the move. I just hope that he enjoys our new place. I'm so ready to start a new adventure--and leave all this snow behind!!!!