Thursday, April 22, 2010

Learning = no sleep

I'd read (probably from some email) that when babies learn something new, it messes with their sleep. We've learned that is so very true the past couple nights. Munchkin by no means sleeps through the night, but she's much better than she used to be. She used to be up every two hours, now she'll sleep in 4, maybe 5 hour stretches. Last night she slept for an hour, then two, then she was so fussy I had to bring her downstairs to the living room so that Daddy could get some kind of sleep since he has a busy day today. After she screamed herself to sleep while I held, rocked, and cuddled her, I passed out with her on the couch. She woke a few hours later to eat at her normal time. I fed her and ventured back upstairs. I put her back in her bed, snuggled her seahorse next to her, and carefully crept back to my own bed. She slept for an hour. Thankfully Daddy heard her crying and brought her to me, I couldn't drag myself out of bed to feed her in her room, and I have a feeling she wouldn't go back to bed in her crib anyway. She nursed, then fell asleep, I didn't hear the alarm go off, I didn't notice Daddy get out of bed...thought Lightning was him since he curled up on Daddy's pillow, didn't realize what time it was when he woke me up at 7. Munchkin nursed again then Daddy brought her down to eat her bananas and cereal--which she wouldn't eat. I guess she was too full from nursing still. She ate them later. Now she's napping on me, I'm praying that she'll allow me to put her in her crib and have a GOOD nap today. She hasn't had good naps in two days, two nights of not so great sleep...all because she learned to crawl. I'm terrified of what will happen when she starts teething--7 months old and she still has no signs of teeth. I can only imagine those sleepless nights, and I hope that it at least holds off until we get settled in our new house, although I know that's asking for a lot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plans plans plans

I have so many plans for when we move. Well, more accurately, after we get settled. I have to kick my booty in gear and get in shape...and yes, round is a shape, but I'm tired of being that shape!! I have a good plan, as long as I stick with it, I know I'll succeed. It's just the sticking with it part I'm worried about. We'll need to find a playgroup or two for Munchkin, see about enrolling her in Kindermusik again, she loved when we went, but I don't know if we'll be able to continue. If no Kindermusik, we'll definitely have to be in a playgroup or two! I want us to find a church that we can agree on...that's going to be harder than it sounds. I miss going to church, I really do, but we haven't been able to agree on one yet. I hope to do so much after we're there. I want to get more into the "domestic diva" role, keep on top of the housework and not let it overwhelm me so that we can all still have time to enjoy our time as a family. I don't want Munchkin looking back on her childhood saying "Mommy always had the house clean." though, I want her to remember us playing, going to the park, etc. I really hope that there are nice parks there, from the sounds of it, there are, even a dog park for Lightning! I know that I can't be the perfect wife and mother, but I want to be the best I can! I hope that I'm not over-planning myself.

A new day!

Well, we got paint for our room last night, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Not quite sure WHEN we're going to paint though..probably as we get ready to leave for good. Munchkin's toys are ALL around her today, makes me happy to see her playing with the toys she got for Christmas!! Her toy spot has been claimed by the new weight set...we don't have to worry about not having enough weight in our HHG shipment! I'm only worried about where they'll go in the new house! We're crossing fingers and toes that we'll have a garage and it will have enough room to put them and the car. I WILL be able to park my car in the garage!!!! From looking at the pictures/floor plans, all the houses in the neighborhood we requested have garages, I just don't really know how big. I'm horrible at estimating square footage and room size, so even if someone says it's "x ft by x ft", I'm still lost. I just want enough room to live comfortably and not have Munchkin and her toys constantly underfoot. I think that anything will be an improvement over this though...this is a pretty crummy house, but it's a good starting point! At least we have a small chance of being disappointed in a new house!

A side note: Munchkin got Sesame Street on DVD...40 Years of Sunny Days. We're watching (well, it's playing, she's more interested in her ball spinner) season 1 right now....WOW, talk about 60s. Nice hair/fashion! We love SS in our house though, Elmo & Cookie Monster are the current favorites.

Newest Munchkin development: CRAWLING! Yep, she's off. No corralling her now! She's been scooting for awhile, but she's got the actual crawling concept down! I'm so proud of her!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling down stairs=no fun!

Yesterday morning, I was coming downstairs after getting Munchkin dressed. One foot slipped off a stair, I thought I caught myself..only to slip off the next stair! I bounced down a few stairs on my back/hip, thankfully Munchkin just barely bumped her head after we had stopped. She was more scared than anything. I took some ibuprofen immediately because I already felt sore in my hip. I felt fine the rest of the day. It wasn't a horrible fall, so I didn't think it would be bad. Munchkin woke up at 4am to eat--yay! That's late for us!--but the downside was that she was ready to go!!! I'm NOT getting up at 4something in the morning! So I brought her to bed, she nursed again and then fell asleep. She was pressed up against me until Daddy came home from PT! So between not being able to move and falling down the stairs yesterday, my back is not a happy camper!! Hopefully the magical ibuprofen will help again today!! Needless to say, I'm being SUPER careful on these stairs now! Hopefully our next house doesn't have any!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy house

Since we're moving in less than a month, we've had to kick our packing into high gear. We finally attacked the basement today, that was crazy!!! A lot of stuff is getting donated, we haven't needed in the two years we've lived here, we don't need to move it! I'm finally getting to be brutally honest with myself and getting rid of clothes that I've kept because "I'll get back into them!" yeah, I might be those sizes again, but they are clothes from high school. That was at least 6 years ago..some of them were from sophomore and junior year, so some of those clothes were 8 years old. I think I can part with them. I really shouldn't be wearing the same things that I did in high school. There are things I'm keeping for sentimental reasons, but much less than I really thought I would. I'm planning on making some t-shirt quilts so that we can actually enjoy them instead of them sitting in boxes. Moving is the one time that I get extremely unsentimental. It's nice to see my closet much easier to choose what to wear when I don't have to rifle through a million things that I don't wear!

Lightning is still freaking out, especially since Daddy took the dining room table apart today to make room for all the boxes we packed. Munchkin thinks the house looks funny, but as long as her toys don't disappear, she's fine! I hate the moving process, but I can't wait to get into our new house and REALLY make it home. We never really decorated this house "Next weekend honey." was M's excuse ALL the time, so I plan on getting the new house completely decorated within the first month. With the exception of ordering Uppercase Living. I'll have to order that after we get there anyways, so that will just be put up as it comes in. Needless to say, I'm excited..but VERY freaked out at the same time! I have lots of plans and expectations for this summer...let's hope that it lives up to at least some of them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poor Lightning

Lightning isn't sure what to think with the house in disarray. We have packed boxes, empty boxes, random Army gear laying around. Especially when Daddy has to pack up lots of bags to turn in gear! He's gotten the opportunity to jump, so he's using borrowed equipment since his was turned in today. He rigged it up tonight to be ready and Lightning just pouted on the couch. Yes, the dog pouts. I wish that I could make him understand that Daddy isn't going anywhere. Hopefully he realizes that soon. His whole world is going to turn upside down soon enough with the move. I just hope that he enjoys our new place. I'm so ready to start a new adventure--and leave all this snow behind!!!!