Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy house

Since we're moving in less than a month, we've had to kick our packing into high gear. We finally attacked the basement today, that was crazy!!! A lot of stuff is getting donated, we haven't needed in the two years we've lived here, we don't need to move it! I'm finally getting to be brutally honest with myself and getting rid of clothes that I've kept because "I'll get back into them!" yeah, I might be those sizes again, but they are clothes from high school. That was at least 6 years ago..some of them were from sophomore and junior year, so some of those clothes were 8 years old. I think I can part with them. I really shouldn't be wearing the same things that I did in high school. There are things I'm keeping for sentimental reasons, but much less than I really thought I would. I'm planning on making some t-shirt quilts so that we can actually enjoy them instead of them sitting in boxes. Moving is the one time that I get extremely unsentimental. It's nice to see my closet much easier to choose what to wear when I don't have to rifle through a million things that I don't wear!

Lightning is still freaking out, especially since Daddy took the dining room table apart today to make room for all the boxes we packed. Munchkin thinks the house looks funny, but as long as her toys don't disappear, she's fine! I hate the moving process, but I can't wait to get into our new house and REALLY make it home. We never really decorated this house "Next weekend honey." was M's excuse ALL the time, so I plan on getting the new house completely decorated within the first month. With the exception of ordering Uppercase Living. I'll have to order that after we get there anyways, so that will just be put up as it comes in. Needless to say, I'm excited..but VERY freaked out at the same time! I have lots of plans and expectations for this summer...let's hope that it lives up to at least some of them!

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