Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling down stairs=no fun!

Yesterday morning, I was coming downstairs after getting Munchkin dressed. One foot slipped off a stair, I thought I caught myself..only to slip off the next stair! I bounced down a few stairs on my back/hip, thankfully Munchkin just barely bumped her head after we had stopped. She was more scared than anything. I took some ibuprofen immediately because I already felt sore in my hip. I felt fine the rest of the day. It wasn't a horrible fall, so I didn't think it would be bad. Munchkin woke up at 4am to eat--yay! That's late for us!--but the downside was that she was ready to go!!! I'm NOT getting up at 4something in the morning! So I brought her to bed, she nursed again and then fell asleep. She was pressed up against me until Daddy came home from PT! So between not being able to move and falling down the stairs yesterday, my back is not a happy camper!! Hopefully the magical ibuprofen will help again today!! Needless to say, I'm being SUPER careful on these stairs now! Hopefully our next house doesn't have any!

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