Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new day!

Well, we got paint for our room last night, and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Not quite sure WHEN we're going to paint though..probably as we get ready to leave for good. Munchkin's toys are ALL around her today, makes me happy to see her playing with the toys she got for Christmas!! Her toy spot has been claimed by the new weight set...we don't have to worry about not having enough weight in our HHG shipment! I'm only worried about where they'll go in the new house! We're crossing fingers and toes that we'll have a garage and it will have enough room to put them and the car. I WILL be able to park my car in the garage!!!! From looking at the pictures/floor plans, all the houses in the neighborhood we requested have garages, I just don't really know how big. I'm horrible at estimating square footage and room size, so even if someone says it's "x ft by x ft", I'm still lost. I just want enough room to live comfortably and not have Munchkin and her toys constantly underfoot. I think that anything will be an improvement over this though...this is a pretty crummy house, but it's a good starting point! At least we have a small chance of being disappointed in a new house!

A side note: Munchkin got Sesame Street on DVD...40 Years of Sunny Days. We're watching (well, it's playing, she's more interested in her ball spinner) season 1 right now....WOW, talk about 60s. Nice hair/fashion! We love SS in our house though, Elmo & Cookie Monster are the current favorites.

Newest Munchkin development: CRAWLING! Yep, she's off. No corralling her now! She's been scooting for awhile, but she's got the actual crawling concept down! I'm so proud of her!!!!

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