Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ribbit!! Ribbit!!

Last month, I decided that Munchkin needed a wading pool. So we trotted off to WalMart to buy one. It's very cute, it has flowers as a sunshade and little butterflies that velcro to the stems. When we moved to our new house, we just deflated it and put it on the back porch. A couple nights ago I decided that I should finally air it up again. So I did. Of course it was filthy and filled with bugs, so I filled it with water and poured in some all-purpose cleaner. I let it sit overnight and was going to scrub it clean, rinse it out, and fill it with fresh water all ready for splashing yesterday, but Mother Nature had a different plan. It stormed most of the afternoon.
Fast forward to this morning: Mark headed outside to clean up the backyard since today is our lawn care day (yay for having housing do that!). He came back inside and told me that Lightning had a fun time playing with the frog in the pool. Uhh, what?!? Sure enough, sometime during all the rains last night, a frog decided her pool looked like a nice spot for a swim.

Munchkin and I went to say hi when I realized that he couldn't get out. So, the poor lil guy (I'm assuming guy, I don't exactly know how to tell and I didn't really get THAT close!) was stuck. We went inside and I got a little bowl to put underneath him so that he would have something to push off of to jump out. Mr. Frog, as we named him, was scared of our rescue attempt, so he feverishly swam in circles. Munchkin did like watching him swim though!! I finally got the bowl underneath him and helped him get out of the water. Mr. Frog hopped to the yard, and hopefully back to a nice, safe place. Maybe we'll see him or one of his friends again soon!

This morning reminded me of two things: We'll start with the most recent. Last week, when Mamu was visiting, we visited the pool. They have the awesome zero depth entry, so we were playing in the very shallow water where he kept wanting to hop like a frog, so we would hop saying, "ribbit, ribbit!"
Now, for the funnier story: When Auntie Em was in high school, she was swimming in our backyard pool. All of a sudden she starts SCREAMING and gets out of the pool as fast as humanly possible. MG and I go outside to see what all the commotion is about: A frog! Apparently that frog thought that our pool looked inviting, and as with the encounter with Mr. Frog, absolutely couldn't get back out! I believe the frog may have jumped on her head or some equally startling action, but we still laughed at her. All in good fun, though! I've had quite a few frogs jump in with me and they're always grateful for the help to get out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

And the craziness begins!!!

That could be the title to most of my days! Let's just go in chronological order! We had a fabulous visit with MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, & Mamu last week! We went to The Children's Museum in Lake Charles, since there is nothing to do in Leesville, on Wednesday. We had a blast! Munchkin is a good excuse for me and Daddy to act like kids again! (Well, Daddy never really stopped, but he gets a lot less weird looks with Munchkin in tow!) There were a lot of cool things at The Children's Museum, my favorite being the heartbeat drum. You put your hands on the sensors and it caused the drum to beat with your heart. Very cool to see Munchkin's heartbeat like that! It was two sided, so we had Daddy on one side and Munchkin on the other, and her heartbeat was a little more than double his, so it made for some very interesting beats! There was also the bubble room where you could be in a bubble, Bebe was very excited about being in a bubble!! The room next to that was the karaoke room...we got to sing "Winnie The Pooh", "So This Is Love", and "You've Got A Friend In Me". Looking back, that's kinda creepy. Auntie Em loves Pooh Bear, I have a slight Cinderella obsession and MG and Mamu are BIG Cowboy Spaceman (Mamu speak for Toy Story) fans! There was no way for us to choose the songs, it just randomly chose them for you!
Once we returned home, it was pretty much time for dinner. Mamu LOVES meat-a-ball-as, as he says, so we made homemade meatballs and Daddy started his homemade sauce before we left that morning. Then while the two lil kiddos took a bath, Bebe, MG, and Daddy all played Wii. Auntie Em and I joined in after Mamu and Munchkin were in bed. Then it was time for Bebe to shower and get ready for bed...so we broke out Rock Band! We did pretty good, but most importantly had a great time!
The next day we just stayed around here, Bebe had asked to go roller skating, but we couldn't find a rink that was open. We went to the pool and had a grand time there, then came back to the house for lunch and naps, well, and more Wii playing! Since we couldn't go roller skating, we went bowling instead. Mamu even got a strike! There was more Rock Band playing that night, when we played Rock Band: Beatles and decided that Ringo was just doing his own thing and it's a miracle that he could play the same song twice!
Friday morning, Daddy had to go back to work, his free days off had come to an end. So MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, Mamu, Munchkin, and I all packed up the strollers and headed to the park. There wasn't anything for Munchkin to do, the swings that I thought were baby swings were more toddler swings--no front to them, just a chain. Bebe claimed a space to be her 'store' and had a good time selling us refreshments--and baby food was free! I took Munchkin down a slide, Mamu had a good time climbing and sliding and Bebe had a good time too. We headed back to the house and had lunch, played just one more game of Wii and it was time for them to leave. We loaded everything in the truck and got them sent on their way. It was a fabulous visit and we're very sad that they're gone! I can't wait for their next visit!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

And we're done!

After one month of living in absolutely lovely temporary housing, we got a call from the housing company on post. They had a house available for us to look at!! Fabulous...except it's in the one neighborhood that is away from EVERYTHING. Granted, it's not the worst neighborhood on post, and by this point we just want a house to put our stuff in, so we agree to look at it. It's so much nicer than our house in Alaska, and we're viewing the distance as a good thing so that Daddy feels like he's kinda sorta away from work.
We got the heck out of the temp. house--they wanted to start charging us money the next day, so thankfully the housing company had fabulous timing! Our stuff was delivered 4 days later, we unpacked the trailer the next day, and then we had the timer going. My mom (MG), sister (Auntie Em), niece (Bebe), and nephew (Mamu) were coming to visit!! We got things unpacked in record time, even with Munchkin throwing fits left and right and poor Lightning not sure what the heck was going on! There are a handful of unpacked boxes, but most of them are books and games waiting on a bookshelf since ours was broken in transit.
Speaking of broken in transit...we ended up with a LOT of damaged or broken items, all big things. Only one glass was broken, so I saw that as a victory! We had a solid steel restaurant prep table from the days that Daddy worked in restaurants...this sucker was HEAVY, like I couldn't help move it heavy. Completely ruined. We're still not sure how it broke the way it did. Unfortunately, since we were the ones that packed and loaded the trailer, it's our loss. Our insurance doesn't cover those things (I'm not sure any insurance would, they'd be out A LOT of money all the time!!), so we're living and learning--Army moves for us from here on out!
So, we're pretty much settled in our new house, recovering from an amazing family visit and getting back into the swing of Daddy's "normal" work schedule! All about the amazing family visit later!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy Moments

During diaper change time today, I had a thought....How many 'mommy moments' have happened in the short first 10 months of Munchkin's life? The first one happened when she was only hours old. She swallowed a lot of fluid during labor and delivery, needing deep suction a few times after birth and spitting it up a few times. One of those times I didn't have a burp cloth handy or anything else...so I just put out my hand. I asked Daddy for a paper towel since he was right by the sink area. He just asked, "why?". I wasn't even grossed out in the slightest. Many more moments like that have passed, things that would've completely turned my stomach mere months before Munchkin arrived are commonplace today. Not too long ago, Munchkin projectile vomited into my lap, without a word a dishtowel was tossed my way and Munchkin was handed off. I just put my clothes in the washer and went on about the evening. Since we use cloth diapers, we have to flush the poo. That was the mommy moment that sparked my thought this morning. I thought absolutely NOTHING of grabbing the poo with a wipe and carrying it from the living room to the bathroom and tossing it in the potty, wipe in the trash, of course. What us mommies won't do for our Munchkins :)