Monday, July 26, 2010

And the craziness begins!!!

That could be the title to most of my days! Let's just go in chronological order! We had a fabulous visit with MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, & Mamu last week! We went to The Children's Museum in Lake Charles, since there is nothing to do in Leesville, on Wednesday. We had a blast! Munchkin is a good excuse for me and Daddy to act like kids again! (Well, Daddy never really stopped, but he gets a lot less weird looks with Munchkin in tow!) There were a lot of cool things at The Children's Museum, my favorite being the heartbeat drum. You put your hands on the sensors and it caused the drum to beat with your heart. Very cool to see Munchkin's heartbeat like that! It was two sided, so we had Daddy on one side and Munchkin on the other, and her heartbeat was a little more than double his, so it made for some very interesting beats! There was also the bubble room where you could be in a bubble, Bebe was very excited about being in a bubble!! The room next to that was the karaoke room...we got to sing "Winnie The Pooh", "So This Is Love", and "You've Got A Friend In Me". Looking back, that's kinda creepy. Auntie Em loves Pooh Bear, I have a slight Cinderella obsession and MG and Mamu are BIG Cowboy Spaceman (Mamu speak for Toy Story) fans! There was no way for us to choose the songs, it just randomly chose them for you!
Once we returned home, it was pretty much time for dinner. Mamu LOVES meat-a-ball-as, as he says, so we made homemade meatballs and Daddy started his homemade sauce before we left that morning. Then while the two lil kiddos took a bath, Bebe, MG, and Daddy all played Wii. Auntie Em and I joined in after Mamu and Munchkin were in bed. Then it was time for Bebe to shower and get ready for we broke out Rock Band! We did pretty good, but most importantly had a great time!
The next day we just stayed around here, Bebe had asked to go roller skating, but we couldn't find a rink that was open. We went to the pool and had a grand time there, then came back to the house for lunch and naps, well, and more Wii playing! Since we couldn't go roller skating, we went bowling instead. Mamu even got a strike! There was more Rock Band playing that night, when we played Rock Band: Beatles and decided that Ringo was just doing his own thing and it's a miracle that he could play the same song twice!
Friday morning, Daddy had to go back to work, his free days off had come to an end. So MG, Auntie Em, Bebe, Mamu, Munchkin, and I all packed up the strollers and headed to the park. There wasn't anything for Munchkin to do, the swings that I thought were baby swings were more toddler swings--no front to them, just a chain. Bebe claimed a space to be her 'store' and had a good time selling us refreshments--and baby food was free! I took Munchkin down a slide, Mamu had a good time climbing and sliding and Bebe had a good time too. We headed back to the house and had lunch, played just one more game of Wii and it was time for them to leave. We loaded everything in the truck and got them sent on their way. It was a fabulous visit and we're very sad that they're gone! I can't wait for their next visit!!

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