Friday, July 23, 2010

And we're done!

After one month of living in absolutely lovely temporary housing, we got a call from the housing company on post. They had a house available for us to look at!! Fabulous...except it's in the one neighborhood that is away from EVERYTHING. Granted, it's not the worst neighborhood on post, and by this point we just want a house to put our stuff in, so we agree to look at it. It's so much nicer than our house in Alaska, and we're viewing the distance as a good thing so that Daddy feels like he's kinda sorta away from work.
We got the heck out of the temp. house--they wanted to start charging us money the next day, so thankfully the housing company had fabulous timing! Our stuff was delivered 4 days later, we unpacked the trailer the next day, and then we had the timer going. My mom (MG), sister (Auntie Em), niece (Bebe), and nephew (Mamu) were coming to visit!! We got things unpacked in record time, even with Munchkin throwing fits left and right and poor Lightning not sure what the heck was going on! There are a handful of unpacked boxes, but most of them are books and games waiting on a bookshelf since ours was broken in transit.
Speaking of broken in transit...we ended up with a LOT of damaged or broken items, all big things. Only one glass was broken, so I saw that as a victory! We had a solid steel restaurant prep table from the days that Daddy worked in restaurants...this sucker was HEAVY, like I couldn't help move it heavy. Completely ruined. We're still not sure how it broke the way it did. Unfortunately, since we were the ones that packed and loaded the trailer, it's our loss. Our insurance doesn't cover those things (I'm not sure any insurance would, they'd be out A LOT of money all the time!!), so we're living and learning--Army moves for us from here on out!
So, we're pretty much settled in our new house, recovering from an amazing family visit and getting back into the swing of Daddy's "normal" work schedule! All about the amazing family visit later!

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