Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mommy Moments

During diaper change time today, I had a thought....How many 'mommy moments' have happened in the short first 10 months of Munchkin's life? The first one happened when she was only hours old. She swallowed a lot of fluid during labor and delivery, needing deep suction a few times after birth and spitting it up a few times. One of those times I didn't have a burp cloth handy or anything else...so I just put out my hand. I asked Daddy for a paper towel since he was right by the sink area. He just asked, "why?". I wasn't even grossed out in the slightest. Many more moments like that have passed, things that would've completely turned my stomach mere months before Munchkin arrived are commonplace today. Not too long ago, Munchkin projectile vomited into my lap, without a word a dishtowel was tossed my way and Munchkin was handed off. I just put my clothes in the washer and went on about the evening. Since we use cloth diapers, we have to flush the poo. That was the mommy moment that sparked my thought this morning. I thought absolutely NOTHING of grabbing the poo with a wipe and carrying it from the living room to the bathroom and tossing it in the potty, wipe in the trash, of course. What us mommies won't do for our Munchkins :)

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