Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ribbit!! Ribbit!!

Last month, I decided that Munchkin needed a wading pool. So we trotted off to WalMart to buy one. It's very cute, it has flowers as a sunshade and little butterflies that velcro to the stems. When we moved to our new house, we just deflated it and put it on the back porch. A couple nights ago I decided that I should finally air it up again. So I did. Of course it was filthy and filled with bugs, so I filled it with water and poured in some all-purpose cleaner. I let it sit overnight and was going to scrub it clean, rinse it out, and fill it with fresh water all ready for splashing yesterday, but Mother Nature had a different plan. It stormed most of the afternoon.
Fast forward to this morning: Mark headed outside to clean up the backyard since today is our lawn care day (yay for having housing do that!). He came back inside and told me that Lightning had a fun time playing with the frog in the pool. Uhh, what?!? Sure enough, sometime during all the rains last night, a frog decided her pool looked like a nice spot for a swim.

Munchkin and I went to say hi when I realized that he couldn't get out. So, the poor lil guy (I'm assuming guy, I don't exactly know how to tell and I didn't really get THAT close!) was stuck. We went inside and I got a little bowl to put underneath him so that he would have something to push off of to jump out. Mr. Frog, as we named him, was scared of our rescue attempt, so he feverishly swam in circles. Munchkin did like watching him swim though!! I finally got the bowl underneath him and helped him get out of the water. Mr. Frog hopped to the yard, and hopefully back to a nice, safe place. Maybe we'll see him or one of his friends again soon!

This morning reminded me of two things: We'll start with the most recent. Last week, when Mamu was visiting, we visited the pool. They have the awesome zero depth entry, so we were playing in the very shallow water where he kept wanting to hop like a frog, so we would hop saying, "ribbit, ribbit!"
Now, for the funnier story: When Auntie Em was in high school, she was swimming in our backyard pool. All of a sudden she starts SCREAMING and gets out of the pool as fast as humanly possible. MG and I go outside to see what all the commotion is about: A frog! Apparently that frog thought that our pool looked inviting, and as with the encounter with Mr. Frog, absolutely couldn't get back out! I believe the frog may have jumped on her head or some equally startling action, but we still laughed at her. All in good fun, though! I've had quite a few frogs jump in with me and they're always grateful for the help to get out!

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  1. I'll definitely call you to come rescue any frogs or lizards that try to make into any of our areas. :)