Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today Munchkin and I went to PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) for the second time. Last week was the Fall Kick-off, and today was the first actual meeting. They offer free, on-site childcare with pagers for Mommy in case baby needs you. We tried using it last week, but as Munchkin has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety, it didn't last long. She was in there for about 15-20 minutes before she was "upsetting the other children". In other words, the other kiddos were getting tired and laid down for naps and she wouldn't have any part of that and wasn't afraid to voice her displeasure! This week, I went ahead and took her in, fully expecting her to need me quickly. I had to pry her little fingers off of my shirt, she did NOT want to go in there! As soon as she saw the other little girls and started to play, she was ok.
All during the singing, all during the Chaplain speaking, all during everything, I was waiting for that pager to start buzzing. When it didn't, I started thinking "Are they sure it's working??", since last week they didn't use them since they couldn't get them to work, then finally, "I guess she's alright!" We broke off into our Bible study groups, and about halfway into that is when my pager started buzzing. Glad to know they work! She had been moved up a room, I guess there were too many lil ones in the Infant room, so even though she doesn't walk, she was moved to the Toddler room. She had a grand time, ate her snack, got a diaper change...but just didn't want to go to sleep. I wasn't shocked, since she normally nurses to sleep or at least soon before she falls asleep and loudly protests if she isn't. She was good with me back in the room though, so all in all, I called it a BIG success!!

So proud moment, #2!
Since her nap schedule was all thrown off today, I finally got her to nod off a little before 2. I took her upstairs and put her in her crib, I knew she was out because she didn't even bother to roll to her side! Well, about 10 minutes after I put her upstairs, she sat up and started fussing. I was in the middle of something, so I couldn't immediately go get her. Turns out that was a good thing! She actually laid back down and went back to sleep ON HER OWN!! That is the first time she has ever done that at naptime. She's done it occasionally at bedtime, but even that is the exception rather than the rule. I wouldn't really call it "crying-it-out" because she doesn't really cry, she just makes some noise. If she really cries, one of us goes to get her. It makes me proud and a little sad all at the same time--she really is growing up.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swimmin' in the rain!

Yesterday I had to go up to the housing office to take care of some stuff and saw that the pool was absolutely deserted..maybe a mom and her baby there. Going to the pool sounded like a great idea, it was just me and Munchkin since Daddy had to work. Well, we were coming up on naptime, so I figured it would be good to get home, get a nap in, then head up to the pool for some fun. Munchkin had other ideas. Naptime was not on her agenda, at least not for awhile.
We've been dealing with some nasty teething the past week and I'm SO ready for these lil suckers to break through and give her some relief! She's been getting her timely doses of medicine which is thankfully helping.
Now back to yesterday...I nixed the pool idea because by the time she got up from nap it was way too late to go. We took Daddy supper, and by the time we got home and she ate, it was time for bed! Fast forward to this afternoon, when we all crashed for naps. Daddy slept the longest since he was at work for 24 hours and only got a couple hours sleep last night. When he got up, I suggested going to the pool. He thought it sounded fabulous, so we all got ready and walked up there. It's good exercise and prevents wet car seats!
We get there, sign in, and get to swimmin! Munchkin LOVES the pool, she really loves splashing like she does in the bath but on a much grander scale! I noticed some dark clouds overhead and oh so silly me stated "I hope it doesn't start storming!"...cue the rain. We were close to the lifeguard tower, which the lifeguard was hiding under. People started getting out and going under umbrellas and the covered area. I don't get it...you're already wet and you're not wanting to get wet? The lifeguard told us a few minutes later that we needed to get out since the rain had gotten heavy enough they couldn't see the bottom, so we complied. As soon as we got out of the pool, she says we can get back in since it let up. So we go back to swimming. The majority of the people were still huddled under their umbrellas! More pool for us! We swam around for a bit in the rain. It didn't stop us at all! We walked home in the drizzle/rain, all glad that we went swimming today. It was a great way to spend our afternoon. I can't speak for Daddy and Munchkin, but now I'm flat out exhausted! After not enough sleep last night, a not long enough nap today, and swimming, I'm beat! I also want to curl up in sweats like I do every time I come in from swimming, even though it's hot outside I'm cold!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy busy bees!

I decided that Munchkin and I have to get out more. We'll both be better for it, and hopefully make some friends here! Last week was the Fort Polk Spouses' Club Super Sign-Up (try saying that three times fast!!), so I went to see what super things we could sign up for. The local Kindermusik educator was there, so it was nice to meet her since we've been in touch through email for the past few weeks. We start that at the beginning of September. It'll be good to get back into Kindermusik classes! The PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) was also there, so we're going to go to their Fall Kick-off on Tuesday. They provide free on-site childcare, and Munchkin is even welcome to stay with me if we're not comfortable leaving her in the childcare. We'll work up to having her away from me. It'll be good for her too! Next week marks our last Parent & Child Yoga class, which makes me sad, but it's for a good reason--our instructor is expecting her second baby girl at the end of September! Hopefully she'll have a smooth labor and delivery and will be back soon. Don't fret though, our Wednesdays will have an activity still, Baby Sign class starts back in September! I hope that enough people sign up for it! Thursdays, at least for the next month, will have Infant Massage class in the mornings. We had our first class today, and once Munchkin realized it felt good, she relaxed and let me rub on her lil arms and legs. She really liked the book they gave us! Fridays are empty...and I think we'll keep them that way! Best thing is, everything but Kindermusik is on post and either free or low cost! I'm excited to get involved!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Munchkin is practicing "putting in" and "taking out". She loves to play this game with laundry baskets. When she's playing with them, I call them her treasure baskets. Well, she found a laundry basket that actually has laundry in it. All hers. So she pulls clothes out, puts them back in, repeats. Well, I managed to get photographic evidence. She loves having her picture taken, and of course looks at the camera giving me an innocent, "who me??" look. Silly girl, you got caught red-handed! She's growing up so fast and learning so much!!