Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy busy bees!

I decided that Munchkin and I have to get out more. We'll both be better for it, and hopefully make some friends here! Last week was the Fort Polk Spouses' Club Super Sign-Up (try saying that three times fast!!), so I went to see what super things we could sign up for. The local Kindermusik educator was there, so it was nice to meet her since we've been in touch through email for the past few weeks. We start that at the beginning of September. It'll be good to get back into Kindermusik classes! The PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) was also there, so we're going to go to their Fall Kick-off on Tuesday. They provide free on-site childcare, and Munchkin is even welcome to stay with me if we're not comfortable leaving her in the childcare. We'll work up to having her away from me. It'll be good for her too! Next week marks our last Parent & Child Yoga class, which makes me sad, but it's for a good reason--our instructor is expecting her second baby girl at the end of September! Hopefully she'll have a smooth labor and delivery and will be back soon. Don't fret though, our Wednesdays will have an activity still, Baby Sign class starts back in September! I hope that enough people sign up for it! Thursdays, at least for the next month, will have Infant Massage class in the mornings. We had our first class today, and once Munchkin realized it felt good, she relaxed and let me rub on her lil arms and legs. She really liked the book they gave us! Fridays are empty...and I think we'll keep them that way! Best thing is, everything but Kindermusik is on post and either free or low cost! I'm excited to get involved!

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