Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swimmin' in the rain!

Yesterday I had to go up to the housing office to take care of some stuff and saw that the pool was absolutely deserted..maybe a mom and her baby there. Going to the pool sounded like a great idea, it was just me and Munchkin since Daddy had to work. Well, we were coming up on naptime, so I figured it would be good to get home, get a nap in, then head up to the pool for some fun. Munchkin had other ideas. Naptime was not on her agenda, at least not for awhile.
We've been dealing with some nasty teething the past week and I'm SO ready for these lil suckers to break through and give her some relief! She's been getting her timely doses of medicine which is thankfully helping.
Now back to yesterday...I nixed the pool idea because by the time she got up from nap it was way too late to go. We took Daddy supper, and by the time we got home and she ate, it was time for bed! Fast forward to this afternoon, when we all crashed for naps. Daddy slept the longest since he was at work for 24 hours and only got a couple hours sleep last night. When he got up, I suggested going to the pool. He thought it sounded fabulous, so we all got ready and walked up there. It's good exercise and prevents wet car seats!
We get there, sign in, and get to swimmin! Munchkin LOVES the pool, she really loves splashing like she does in the bath but on a much grander scale! I noticed some dark clouds overhead and oh so silly me stated "I hope it doesn't start storming!"...cue the rain. We were close to the lifeguard tower, which the lifeguard was hiding under. People started getting out and going under umbrellas and the covered area. I don't get're already wet and you're not wanting to get wet? The lifeguard told us a few minutes later that we needed to get out since the rain had gotten heavy enough they couldn't see the bottom, so we complied. As soon as we got out of the pool, she says we can get back in since it let up. So we go back to swimming. The majority of the people were still huddled under their umbrellas! More pool for us! We swam around for a bit in the rain. It didn't stop us at all! We walked home in the drizzle/rain, all glad that we went swimming today. It was a great way to spend our afternoon. I can't speak for Daddy and Munchkin, but now I'm flat out exhausted! After not enough sleep last night, a not long enough nap today, and swimming, I'm beat! I also want to curl up in sweats like I do every time I come in from swimming, even though it's hot outside I'm cold!

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