Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The long-awaited jungle

Back in July, when Auntie Em (and MG, Bebe, and Mamu) came to visit, Auntie Em so graciously shared toys with Munchkin. One of them is a Fisher-Price jungle. We started to put it together....when we realized it was missing a vital piece. Since we were home for Munchkin's (and Granddaddy's!) birthday, it was the perfect time to get the missing elephant. MG came up with the idea that if Auntie Em didn't bring the elephant, I should take Bebe home with me! (Since Bebe is helpful, rather than Mamu who would be more work) Auntie Em DID remember the elephant, so Bebe is safe for now. :) I got the jungle all put together today and Munchkin loves it! She's been wanting to play with the pieces of it that we had, and was getting upset when she was told no, but now it's all safe and fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feeling sentimental

As Munchkin is napping on me, I can't help but think of this time last year. I didn't know it, but it was a week before Munchkin would be born. I was anxiously awaiting R&R leave, wanting to see my husband and for us to meet our daughter together. I am so incredibly thankful that we were blessed to have him by my side when Munchkin made her way into this world. (Even if he did stroke my leg in the most annoying way possible!)
That was our biggest worry when we knew for sure that we'd be having a baby during his deployment. Would he make it home??? It couldn't have happened without the supportive chain of command he had. They asked when the baby was due and tentatively set his leave dates around that. When I was unexpectedly called into the hospital at 37 weeks pregnant, learning at the last possible second that I might be induced that day, his commanding officers asked "Do you need to get on a plane today?". Thankfully, the answer was no. I was free to go home--and definitely packed my bag that very night!--and made my way to 39 weeks 6 days before Munchkin showed her pretty face. I was induced, but it was a planned induction. Partially because we wanted to guarantee that Munchkin would arrive in time to meet her Daddy and partially because my doctor was worried about blood pressure, which turned out to be an unnecessary worry. (Thank goodness!) Now we just know that doctors/hospitals/medical whatevers just really stress me out.

So today, while Daddy isn't home...but thankfully isn't deployed...I'm taken back to last year. So many things have changed. We've moved halfway across the country, dealing with a new home, a new unit with a completely different work schedule than before, and an almost one year old. Munchkin's Grandaddy and I had both set our bets on September 10th to be the day that she would arrive....and when my induction was set for that day, we both felt pretty secure in that bet. Well, she wouldn't let us win. She made her way to this world at 9:20am Alaskan time on September 11, 2009. 59 years after my Murmur had brought my Daddy into this world. What an amazing birthday present for him!

Daddy had to pack up for Afghanistan when our little Munchkin was just 9 days old. We said our "See ya laters" and counted the days until we could be together again. He made his way home in early February and saw just how much Munchkin had grown in those 5 short months. We've come a long way from that day. She very much knows her Dada now and asks about him when he's not home. Mainly just screaming "DADADADADADADADA" and crawling around the house. She loves when he comes home from work, stops whatever she's doing--even if she's throwing a fit--to smile and say "Hi!".

She's gotten her way today...I let her take a nap on me for the first time in a long time, but ya know what?? I'm not sure who enjoyed it more..her or me. I'm clinging to this last week of her only being months old. Next Saturday will surely be cause for great celebration in our family, but I'm not wishing this week to go by any faster!