Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The long-awaited jungle

Back in July, when Auntie Em (and MG, Bebe, and Mamu) came to visit, Auntie Em so graciously shared toys with Munchkin. One of them is a Fisher-Price jungle. We started to put it together....when we realized it was missing a vital piece. Since we were home for Munchkin's (and Granddaddy's!) birthday, it was the perfect time to get the missing elephant. MG came up with the idea that if Auntie Em didn't bring the elephant, I should take Bebe home with me! (Since Bebe is helpful, rather than Mamu who would be more work) Auntie Em DID remember the elephant, so Bebe is safe for now. :) I got the jungle all put together today and Munchkin loves it! She's been wanting to play with the pieces of it that we had, and was getting upset when she was told no, but now it's all safe and fun!

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