Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very hard thought

Sometimes StumbleUpon is not your friend. Days like today, for example. One of my interests for SU is parenting. This takes me to many mom (and dad!) blogs. Most of which I'm glad to browse. Others are hard. Those were the ones I was shown today. Two separate blogs chronicling the too-short lives of their babies. One of them was a few months shy of 18 months when she passed away October 11. The day Munchkin turned 13 months old, this precious child lost her life. It was something they had known was a possibility from the day she was born, yet their pictures show that they didn't waste that time. They didn't wallow in self-pity. They are an amazing family--and I just read a few posts! Of course this makes me think the hardest thought a mother could think--what if I lost MY baby? It physically hurts to even think about it. I cannot imagine living it. To lose a baby that you have held and loved for any time would be the most difficult thing to ever do. A miscarriage is a different pain, but it is pain. For me it was thoughts of "what would the baby have looked like?" "who would it take after?" (Since we had no clue as to the gender of that lost baby, we say "it" with much love--it is very much not just an "it") things along those lines...not the same. I know that parents who lose a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth love their children deeply. I am not saying that a baby who has lived in this world and dies is "better" or more missed than a baby who was lost in pregnancy. Having lived through that miscarriage, for me, it's a known quantity. I know how I handled it and I know how I would handle it again if faced with that situation...but the thought of losing Munchkin is an unknown--and I would like to keep it that way--therefore it is infinitely more scary. The families that have taken their situations to the world via blogs are incredibly brave. They're laying out some of the most intimate feelings a person can have, showing their vulnerability throughout their experiences of losing their child just so that everyone can know more about whatever condition caused that pain. They are brave and strong. They are an inspiration. For those families who are dealing with this, I wish them peace and comfort.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Does not come with catchy theme music...

While enjoying some down time today, I was using StumbleUpon and it took me to a baby name site. On this site it had a baby name generator. Ready for some giggles, I put in our names, selected "girl" and was presented with Marin. Eh...not so much. I selected "boy" and got this:
What's so funny, you may ask...well, it's just that I prefer to have rubber gloves when I was dishes by hand or use wet cleaners, my nails don't do well when wet for extended periods of time. So Daddy started calling me "Dexter's Mom" (from Dexter's Laboratory) as a joke. It was later joked that if we ever had a boy, that we should name him Dexter. So there's our little giggle for the day!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

At least I can dress the part

The part of a domestic diva, that is. I finished my apron today! It is by no means the most amazing thing to ever have been sewn, even by me, but I do have to say I think I did a pretty darn good job, all things considered! My goal for today is to get all my sewing projects done so that I can put all of the things away and not have to make room for projects in progress. The flannel for Munchkin's wipes and spitties (to be used to clean her hands, since she doesn't need them as spitties anymore) is in the dryer. It shouldn't take me long to whip up wipes and spitties. I'm not sure that we're going to use the cloth wipes 100% of the time, but right now she's got some bad diaper rash going on and the disposable wipes are making it worse. Plus it'll be easier to throw the cloth wipes in the diaper pail with her diapers instead of having to get the wipes into the trash can and avoiding the stinkies. Insert love of Diaper Genie here...I swear, we haven't smelled a single dirty diaper from that thing--even without the plastic insert!! I want to make a wetbag for it, just to keep it cleaner, but in order for that to happen, I need to find some suitable fabric....I wish true oilcloth was still available, but I'm going to have to settle for laminated cotton. Who knows, one of these days I may just buy a wetbag (as long as it's on super duper sale, of course!) instead. Now how did this go from my sewing triumph to diapers??? That is the mystery of motherhood!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's about time!!

Last winter, around Christmastime, I believe, I bought a ready-to-make apron (that's not the exact one, it's the same shape, but a cherry toile print). Fully intending to do it soon. I started it tonight! It claims "Easy Construction!"...while I don't think it's really difficult, I wouldn't call it easy! For a more advanced seamstress, it would be, I'm sure! I'm doing my first facing and topstitching on it, as well as my first ruffle.....that, I'm a little scared of! I doubt that this is going to get finished tonight, but I did complete Daddy's Fred Flintstone costume--including piecing together a tie out of the leftover fabric from Munchkin's Pebbles top! Hopefully it works out well, I'll have him try it on as soon as he has a chance!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just call me Wilma

I made my Wilma dress last night! It seriously took me about 30 minutes from cutting it out to wearing it! Not the best thing ever, but it's a Halloween costume! All I need to complete the outfit is some elastic string and styrofoam balls to make the necklace. I'm really quite proud of myself!! I just laid a dress on the fabric and cut around it (leaving more room than just seam allowance since it's a really stretchy dress that's tight!) then sewed it together! Since I used fleece, I didn't bother hemming anything (neckline, armholes, etc) because it's not going fray and I'm a cavewoman!! Cavewomen didn't hem! So the one I was most worried about turned out to be super simple! Fred is up next, I got the Man-Dress all ready to copy, and it's a good thing I made Daddy try it on to see where I needed to put things...the shoulder seams are almost at his elbow and I'm taking off about 2 inches on each side, not to mention shortening it quite a bit! Pebbles has proved the most time consuming....appliqueing little triangles isn't hard, but it sure is tedious!!

Day 2: Shoes? Are you kidding me?

Day 2 of FlyLady's babysteps: Get dressed to shoes (includes hair and makeup). Shoes? HA. I did wear slippers all day though! Yesterday was a no-leaving-the-house day, but I did get dressed with purpose! I kept my sink shiny. I even had dinner started before lunch! We had beef stew, I love when I get to use the crockpot! So, I would call Day 2 a success! I'm slowly but surely starting to ingrain some of the habits I need to get to where I want to be!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

I told you I'd post! I figured I better do it now before I forget! A couple weeks ago, Daddy and I were making up menus for the next two weeks so we could go grocery shopping. For us, that's way harder than it sounds! We made it though. One of our selections was Shepherd's Pie. Daddy found a recipe on Food Network's website, courtesy of Paula Deen. I figured we would at least give it a try, even though I was confused by what she wanted. First off, I got so super overwhelmed trying to make it. Not hard to do that to me! I recovered and only had to have a TINY bit of help that I could have even done without. Daddy had to layer it in the pan since I didn't read enough ahead--TIP: Read it, re-read it, then read it again before you start!!--and even though it says 9x9x2 pan, we ended up using our 9x13 (presuming x2) pan and filled it. It was AMAZING! I had the last piece of it today for lunch. It does say it makes 8-10 servings! We have agreed that it is most definitely something to be put in the standard rotation! So go ahead, try it!

Maybe...just maybe

Maybe this will work this time...Remember my plans? Well, they really went nowhere fast. I was afraid of that....I've always struggled with housework type tasks. Just ask Mom. Messy room from forever. One theory that I really identify with is that left handed people, as awesome as we are, can't see the forest for the trees. I get caught up in all the things that have to get done that I just don't know where to I don't.
Enter FlyLady. I tried starting her program before, but did exactly what she says not to do and did too much, too fast. I quickly got overwhelmed and burnt out, and did what I usually do. Quit. Today, I started over. I'm doing it her way this time--she says most people do it their way, fail, then try it hers, and succeed.
Today is Day 1: Shine your sink. This is the one thing I semi kept up with longest. It's simple. Mildly infectious. Easy to become obsessed about. Daddy laughs at me...when I'm caught up in the shiny sink rule my saying is "A clean and dry sink is a happy sink!".
I looked at Day 2 just to know tomorrow's task. It's "Get dressed to shoes" (Includes hair and makeup) Well, here's where FlyLady and I start to diverge. I don't wear shoes unless I have to. So that means I'm barefoot in the house. If I could get away with being barefoot all the time, I'd be in heaven. So I'm going to compromise. She wants lace up shoes, I say HA! I'll give her slippers, at least until my feet get too hot! Again, she says this is the biggest issue most people have, and they give in and love it...but at least for now, I'm being stubborn. (Hey, it's worked for me in the past!)
In addition to shining my sink, I washed a pan that was FINALLY empty (I'll post about our wonderful experience with Shepherd's Pie), washed the bathroom trashcan that had gotten a little icky, swept and mopped--even pulling out the shelves we have under the window! I also did my 30 minute WiiFit routine (yoga and strength), as well as the "Leaner Mii" routine of Hula Hoop, Island Cycling, and Skateboarding. That put me at 38 minutes, plus I added in the time it took me to sweep and mop.
Tonight I will shine the sink before I go to bed. Tomorrow morning I will take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, probably skip makeup since I don't really like it, and will put on some of my cute slippers that I got when Munchkin was born.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modern stoneage family

Our Flintsones costumes are well on their way to becoming reality! Sadly, I have managed to misplace both my camera and the battery no pictures. I have a feeling that will be a weekend project soon...clean/reorganize/find camera and charger! Here's the current status report:
Munchkin AKA Pebbles: Shorts--DONE in about 30 minutes! I was so excited that I pretty much figured it out on my own with a tiny bit of guidance from other crafty bloggers and basing them off of a pair of shorts that MG had made for Bebe when she was little! Shirt--Sewn and appliques pinned. 3 of 13 on the back are successfully appliqued, haven't even cut them out for the front yet. Hair bone--done in about 10 minutes! It was super de duper easy! 2 pieces of felt, some stuffing, rickrack (because I didn't have any white ribbon skinny enough), hot glue, and alligator hair clip!

Me AKA Wilma--I have a plan...I'm basing the dress off of a dress I currently own but is too small (like half a size too small) and has a hole in the side that isn't fixable. So it shouldn't be too hard to trace it and just add a few inches to either side. Only thing that worries me is the lack of a zipper and it being fitted enough look right, but big enough to pull on. (I am NOT attempting a zipper at this point..I'll get there, but not right now!)

Daddy AKA Fred--Again...I have a plan. Thanks to his deployment to Afghanistan (Wow....did I really just say that?) he is the proud owner of a man-dress. He also was given one by this unit due to the nature of their training at times. So I'm basing his costume off of the issued man-dress. The actual Afghani one is very nice and I'm kinda jealous!

So far, I'm really thinking mine will be the most complicated since it's the only fitted costume. I do have to say that I'm very proud of myself for how easy it's been so far. I've surprised myself each time I do something new, so hopefully that means that my fears for my Wilma dress are somewhat unfounded! Now to figure out how to get my hair in some semblance of a bun or find some other appropriate hairstyle! We will have to break character somewhat and wear shoes...but Daddy and I will wear flipflops to be as barefoot as possible (or we could wear our Vibram 5s). Munchkin will have to suck it up and wear socks and shoes though! I also have her cold-weather contingency plan--long sleeve whit shirt under the top and some gray babylegs to keep those little legs warm! I'm so excited for Halloween this year!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The whole neighborhood doesn't want to hear you scream

That's been my line to Munchkin today. We went to PWOC and had a great time--she stayed in watchcare the entire time again! She surprised me. I thought with the week break she wouldn't want to stay the entire time, but when I picked her up she was zonked out in one of the ladies arms. They told me that she had been great until the last 30 minutes, which was when she was tired. She even fights me for naps, so I'm impressed! Of course, since I interrupted her nap, it's been an interesting afternoon! Fuss a little, nurse a little, play a little, repeat. She finally took a nap for a little bit, but it obviously wasn't enough. She ate a snack but doesn't want to play. She doesn't want to cuddle, but she doesn't want to sit by herself. She is a very tired little Munchkin and it's too late for a nap and too early for bedtime! Hopefully Daddy calls soon and says he's ready to come home! I hate when nap time gets messed up, but thankfully we still have a few "secret weapons" to calm her down. (#1 being nursing) At least I know that she's got a strong voice!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time!

I've been neglecting my blog...I'm sorry!
Munchkin updates: She now has FOUR teeth! She got her third tooth (left fang) on her birthday and the right fang two weeks later--a day before her MG's birthday! She's outgrown her first pair of real shoes and is now onto her second pair of striderite shoes.
Shoes mean walking, right??? Not quite. Munchkin lacks confidence in herself. She will cruise on furniture like there is no tomorrow. She will walk holding hands--even holding just one hand--like she's been doing it forever, but the second she realizes that she isn't holding onto something or someone steady, she flops on her fluffy booty. She'll get there when she's ready. I'm not really expecting it for another few months since I was told that I didn't walk on my own until around 15 months.
She's said "baby", "ball", calls MG & Granddaddy's cats Ben and Jerry by name, has her own version of "Lightning" and calls him if she wants him. He hasn't quite realized that yet, but he's getting there!
She's discovered the joys of clapping and loves to clap to the beat of music. We've been slacking on teaching her more signs, so she doesn't sign as much anymore.
Super awesome development: On her birthday, she got the sleeping memo. She sleeps through the night! The only time she wakes up is if her pacifier falls out of her crib. I finally took the bumper out of her crib since she's stopped head butting the rails. Her bed looks so grown up! She varies what time she gets up in the mornings, but it's usually about 7, which is better than 5:30!

Since it is October now I'm so excited about making our family Halloween costumes. We are going to be the Flintstone family. My costume will be the most difficult since it is fitted (and white! yikes!!!) so I'm hoping to get started on those next weekend! I'll have to document my first garment sewing adventure here!