Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's about time!!

Last winter, around Christmastime, I believe, I bought a ready-to-make apron (that's not the exact one, it's the same shape, but a cherry toile print). Fully intending to do it soon. I started it tonight! It claims "Easy Construction!"...while I don't think it's really difficult, I wouldn't call it easy! For a more advanced seamstress, it would be, I'm sure! I'm doing my first facing and topstitching on it, as well as my first ruffle.....that, I'm a little scared of! I doubt that this is going to get finished tonight, but I did complete Daddy's Fred Flintstone costume--including piecing together a tie out of the leftover fabric from Munchkin's Pebbles top! Hopefully it works out well, I'll have him try it on as soon as he has a chance!

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