Friday, October 22, 2010

Just call me Wilma

I made my Wilma dress last night! It seriously took me about 30 minutes from cutting it out to wearing it! Not the best thing ever, but it's a Halloween costume! All I need to complete the outfit is some elastic string and styrofoam balls to make the necklace. I'm really quite proud of myself!! I just laid a dress on the fabric and cut around it (leaving more room than just seam allowance since it's a really stretchy dress that's tight!) then sewed it together! Since I used fleece, I didn't bother hemming anything (neckline, armholes, etc) because it's not going fray and I'm a cavewoman!! Cavewomen didn't hem! So the one I was most worried about turned out to be super simple! Fred is up next, I got the Man-Dress all ready to copy, and it's a good thing I made Daddy try it on to see where I needed to put things...the shoulder seams are almost at his elbow and I'm taking off about 2 inches on each side, not to mention shortening it quite a bit! Pebbles has proved the most time consuming....appliqueing little triangles isn't hard, but it sure is tedious!!

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