Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time!

I've been neglecting my blog...I'm sorry!
Munchkin updates: She now has FOUR teeth! She got her third tooth (left fang) on her birthday and the right fang two weeks later--a day before her MG's birthday! She's outgrown her first pair of real shoes and is now onto her second pair of striderite shoes.
Shoes mean walking, right??? Not quite. Munchkin lacks confidence in herself. She will cruise on furniture like there is no tomorrow. She will walk holding hands--even holding just one hand--like she's been doing it forever, but the second she realizes that she isn't holding onto something or someone steady, she flops on her fluffy booty. She'll get there when she's ready. I'm not really expecting it for another few months since I was told that I didn't walk on my own until around 15 months.
She's said "baby", "ball", calls MG & Granddaddy's cats Ben and Jerry by name, has her own version of "Lightning" and calls him if she wants him. He hasn't quite realized that yet, but he's getting there!
She's discovered the joys of clapping and loves to clap to the beat of music. We've been slacking on teaching her more signs, so she doesn't sign as much anymore.
Super awesome development: On her birthday, she got the sleeping memo. She sleeps through the night! The only time she wakes up is if her pacifier falls out of her crib. I finally took the bumper out of her crib since she's stopped head butting the rails. Her bed looks so grown up! She varies what time she gets up in the mornings, but it's usually about 7, which is better than 5:30!

Since it is October now I'm so excited about making our family Halloween costumes. We are going to be the Flintstone family. My costume will be the most difficult since it is fitted (and white! yikes!!!) so I'm hoping to get started on those next weekend! I'll have to document my first garment sewing adventure here!

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  1. She is getting so big! And you all will be the cutest Flintstone family!!