Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maybe...just maybe

Maybe this will work this time...Remember my plans? Well, they really went nowhere fast. I was afraid of that....I've always struggled with housework type tasks. Just ask Mom. Messy room from forever. One theory that I really identify with is that left handed people, as awesome as we are, can't see the forest for the trees. I get caught up in all the things that have to get done that I just don't know where to I don't.
Enter FlyLady. I tried starting her program before, but did exactly what she says not to do and did too much, too fast. I quickly got overwhelmed and burnt out, and did what I usually do. Quit. Today, I started over. I'm doing it her way this time--she says most people do it their way, fail, then try it hers, and succeed.
Today is Day 1: Shine your sink. This is the one thing I semi kept up with longest. It's simple. Mildly infectious. Easy to become obsessed about. Daddy laughs at me...when I'm caught up in the shiny sink rule my saying is "A clean and dry sink is a happy sink!".
I looked at Day 2 just to know tomorrow's task. It's "Get dressed to shoes" (Includes hair and makeup) Well, here's where FlyLady and I start to diverge. I don't wear shoes unless I have to. So that means I'm barefoot in the house. If I could get away with being barefoot all the time, I'd be in heaven. So I'm going to compromise. She wants lace up shoes, I say HA! I'll give her slippers, at least until my feet get too hot! Again, she says this is the biggest issue most people have, and they give in and love it...but at least for now, I'm being stubborn. (Hey, it's worked for me in the past!)
In addition to shining my sink, I washed a pan that was FINALLY empty (I'll post about our wonderful experience with Shepherd's Pie), washed the bathroom trashcan that had gotten a little icky, swept and mopped--even pulling out the shelves we have under the window! I also did my 30 minute WiiFit routine (yoga and strength), as well as the "Leaner Mii" routine of Hula Hoop, Island Cycling, and Skateboarding. That put me at 38 minutes, plus I added in the time it took me to sweep and mop.
Tonight I will shine the sink before I go to bed. Tomorrow morning I will take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, probably skip makeup since I don't really like it, and will put on some of my cute slippers that I got when Munchkin was born.

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