Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modern stoneage family

Our Flintsones costumes are well on their way to becoming reality! Sadly, I have managed to misplace both my camera and the battery charger...so no pictures. I have a feeling that will be a weekend project soon...clean/reorganize/find camera and charger! Here's the current status report:
Munchkin AKA Pebbles: Shorts--DONE in about 30 minutes! I was so excited that I pretty much figured it out on my own with a tiny bit of guidance from other crafty bloggers and basing them off of a pair of shorts that MG had made for Bebe when she was little! Shirt--Sewn and appliques pinned. 3 of 13 on the back are successfully appliqued, haven't even cut them out for the front yet. Hair bone--done in about 10 minutes! It was super de duper easy! 2 pieces of felt, some stuffing, rickrack (because I didn't have any white ribbon skinny enough), hot glue, and alligator hair clip!

Me AKA Wilma--I have a plan...I'm basing the dress off of a dress I currently own but is too small (like half a size too small) and has a hole in the side that isn't fixable. So it shouldn't be too hard to trace it and just add a few inches to either side. Only thing that worries me is the lack of a zipper and it being fitted enough look right, but big enough to pull on. (I am NOT attempting a zipper at this point..I'll get there, but not right now!)

Daddy AKA Fred--Again...I have a plan. Thanks to his deployment to Afghanistan (Wow....did I really just say that?) he is the proud owner of a man-dress. He also was given one by this unit due to the nature of their training at times. So I'm basing his costume off of the issued man-dress. The actual Afghani one is very nice and I'm kinda jealous!

So far, I'm really thinking mine will be the most complicated since it's the only fitted costume. I do have to say that I'm very proud of myself for how easy it's been so far. I've surprised myself each time I do something new, so hopefully that means that my fears for my Wilma dress are somewhat unfounded! Now to figure out how to get my hair in some semblance of a bun or find some other appropriate hairstyle! We will have to break character somewhat and wear shoes...but Daddy and I will wear flipflops to be as barefoot as possible (or we could wear our Vibram 5s). Munchkin will have to suck it up and wear socks and shoes though! I also have her cold-weather contingency plan--long sleeve whit shirt under the top and some gray babylegs to keep those little legs warm! I'm so excited for Halloween this year!!

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