Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awesome day!

When I dropped Munchkin off at watchcare for PWOC this morning, I was a little nervous. Her favorite lady wasn't there. It turns out she had to have her appendix removed and will probably be out for the next 6 weeks--meaning Munchkin won't see her again until Spring semester, since we only have 2 meetings left (we don't meet next week due to it being Thanksgiving week). I was all set for Munchkin to have a huge meltdown about me leaving her, but she surprised me!! She was happy--no tears!! I didn't even get a pager today, which was a first! When I picked her up, I spied on her for a minute. Usually, when I pick her up, she starts to cry as soon as she sees me. Silly girl thinks that that will make me think she's been so sad without me! So I spy on her now. When she doesn't know I'm there, she plays so well!! Today, she was on one of the rocking toys, just rockin' away!! Another surprise: she didn't fuss when she saw me! She just came over to me and asked to be picked up! The lady said she was so great the whole time, ate her applesauce well, listened, and played!! I mentioned her rocking and she said she'd been doing it for about 30 minutes! I think we need to figure out some room to get a rocking toy in here!!

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