Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12

Day 12--I'm thankful for Lightning. I know I mentioned him in Day 1, but he really is an amazing dog!! He pretty much house-trained himself, he doesn't have accidents (he does have "on purpose"es when he's mad that Daddy's gone though!), he doesn't chew things up, he doesn't bark a lot, and when he does, there's a good reason! I don't have to worry about leaving him at home when I go out, he's AMAZING with Munchkin, all kids really, and he's sweet. When Daddy's around, he really doesn't care if I'm there or not, but when he's not, he knows when I need him to cuddle! This year has been a little difficult with him health-wise, he has horrible arthritis in his back right knee and there's not much we can do for it except give him supplements and medicine for the pain. He's had to cut back on his frisbee time, which he hates, but he's still so active! He turned 5 this fall. It's crazy to think that we've had him for FIVE years!!! We adopted him from Rescue Farm of Evansville, Indiana--they were at Petsmart with him and his 5 brothers and sisters. No two of them looked alike. I chose a puppy and Daddy chose a puppy and we took them to a little room to play. My puppy wasn't very playful...Daddy chose Lightning. His name then was Pumpkin (they all had fall names, one of his sisters was named Cider--and we ended up running into her and her new family a lot around town!) and we had to wait another week to take him home, since they were due to be spayed and neutered. He was 8 weeks old when we brought him home. SO tiny. We were told that they were Shepherd/Terrier mixes and he shouldn't be more than 20 pounds full grown. They were just a smidgen off....he's 45-50 pounds! He's the perfect size--not too big, not to small. It's going to be a very sad day in our family when he's no longer with us, and even though we talk about what kind of dog we want after he's gone (We're currently thinking German Shepherd), he will definitely NOT be replaced, and he's set the bar high for any dog that comes into our family! Now lets all just hope that we don't have to see that day for another 10 years or so!!

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