Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Day 14-Today I'm thankful that my kitchen, mainly cooking real meals, isn't quite so intimidating anymore!! I've even found a Diana-proof way to cook bacon!
*Cue flashback scene*
Back in early 2006, I wanted a BLT for dinner (Daddy was at work at Olive Garden). I started the bacon in the pan...and all of a sudden it caught on fire. An electric stove, not quite to the grease popping stage, and I STILL don't know what made it catch fire. I knew not to put water on it, since it was a grease fire, and felt it necessary to scream that to the empty (well, Lightning was there!) apartment. First thought: (after OMG IT'S ON FIRE!!) was BAKING SODA. Couldn't find any. So next best thought: FLOUR! This was back when Daddy had time for exploring cake decorating, so he had a huge tub of flour in the kitchen. I grabbed whole handfuls and THREW it at the pan. Resulting in burnt globs of flour and a kitchen covered in white dust. I finally got the flames down where I could get to the under-oven drawer where we kept the lids to the pans and got it on, putting the fire out by suffocating it. Next task: making the smoke alarm turn off. It was in our bedroom on the ceiling, but without a chair (and we didn't have a chair I could stand on) I couldn't reach it. So I just started jumping and trying to hit the button. I was eventually successful. I was a bit traumatized and couldn't cope with cleaning it all up, and Daddy came home not too long after. After the "are you ok"s, it was "What were you thinking?!?" We got it all cleaned up and decided that bacon was now a Daddy thing. I've been scared of cooking bacon ever since.
*Cue transition to present*
Tonight, I'm making Beef and Potato Boats for dinner. It requires bacon. Daddy's not home yet. Oh, look, my AMAZING panini press is still on the counter. It needs a new name. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times we've made paninis on this thing, but I CAN'T think of how many times we've used it!! It's amazing. So I set it a little higher and threw (Ok, I carefully placed) the bacon on it! No grease splatters, no burns (a couple of which I have on my hand from trying to cook bacon for breakfast last weekend--but Daddy stepped in before I had too much to do with it!), and it's actually a little healthier. The panini press can be sloped downward or level. When it's sloped downward, the grease runs off into it's little tray, so the bacon didn't just soak up it's own delicious fattiness. So now I'm waiting on the potatoes to finish baking so that I can turn them into boats!

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