Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15

Day 15-I'm thankful for Kindermusik. I started taking Munchkin to Kindermusik classes when she was about 2 months old. She loves all the music and dancing! She loves to play with the other kiddos too! Her favorite part though? The instruments! She loves to bang on the drums, shake the egg shakers, hit the clackers together, all of it! She's so proud of herself when she plays an instrument and always gives herself a round of applause when she's done! It's also helped her learn to put things away! Very rarely do I have to tell her more than "Put in please. ___ all done." and she very nicely puts whatever it is in the basket or bag! In Alaska, our classes were paid for, minus materials, by the Army Family Covenant, since Daddy was deployed. Here, we were very lucky that Ms. Diane (our teacher) is extremely conscious of military families financial capabilities for things like this and has an amazing price and is willing to work on payments! She truly does this because she loves the little children and helping them learn and play! So today, I'm thankful for the amazing things that Kindermusik has done, and certainly will do, in Munchkin's life!!

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