Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Christmas!

As much as I absolutely reject any notion of Christmas before Thanksgiving, once Black Friday rolls around, I absolutely embrace it all! We put our tree up on Saturday and it's completely decorated--minus an angel for the top, because we don't have one. We're on the lookout! We put up our outside lights yesterday and they look great! I'm all for the Christmas music on the radio now, and throughout the day have Pandora's Christmas Radio station playing. (I may even have to upgrade to Pandora One if I'm not careful of my time!) We also have a small collection of Christmas stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Not surprising since I worked there for a little less than a year! We have Hal & Holly Moose (Holly has the "Jingle Bell Rock" sound in her hand and Hal has lights on his antlers), Frosty the Snowman that lights up and makes a "magic" sound when his hat is lifted, and a smaller Hal that was a gift to BABW employees (He wasn't available for retail). Munchkin LOVES them all! She's getting a Rudolph from BABW for Christmas as well, thanks to her wonderful MG who stopped by her BABW, since there isn't one anywhere near here! I love that she's old enough to have fun with Christmas this year!

I have a few stand-out Christmas memories: One, my stocking. My mom made both my sister's and my stockings when we were little. Auntie Em's has Disney characters (Pluto is the only one that stands out to me) and mine is Santa going into a chimney, along with a decorated tree on the roof. Why there is a tree on the roof, I don't know, but it's so pretty! I had a hard time my first Christmas away from home because I didn't have all the special things that made Christmas, well, Christmas for my family, one of which was my stocking. So last year I bought stocking kits for the three of us. MG helped me start Munchkin's and I started on mine....neither got very far and then got put away. Daddy accidentally knocked all the sequins and beads on the floor, and not knowing they were important, swept them up and threw them away. So we bought another kit for Munchkin's and I've started working on it again. I'll get hers done by Christmas at the very least! Unfortunately, my main needle broke last night, so I'm hoping I can get another one tomorrow! I have to find another one of mine too, since all the sequins were out and are now gone. So I don't know if I'll start on mine next or if I'll just jump to Daddy's since his is still in it's original packaging.

Another thing that I always remember from childhood Christmases is the nativity that my mom has. It's musical--it plays "Silent Night" (which is probably my favorite Christmas song) So now my expectations have been set pretty high!

I could probably go on for days about Christmas memories, but I won't. Maybe later.

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