Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eventful morning!

This morning, Munchkin had her first taste of peanut butter. She liked it--it didn't like her. Within minutes, she had red spots on her face and her lower lip was swollen! With her mouth being swollen, I was worried that she would have trouble breathing, so we headed up to the ER. Her vitals were all normal, thank God! They gave her some benadryl and zantac and the hives started to disappear. She fell asleep for a little bit and they let us go home when all her hives were gone. We got some medicine for the next few days. So now we just have to be careful of what she eats!! I am kinda bummed because this means I can't eat peanuts....and I LOVE peanut butter! Small sacrifice for my baby girl though! I hope it's an allergy that she outgrows!!

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