Saturday, January 8, 2011

The adventures of a cloth diaper momma

This is gonna be a little on the "ewww" side...just warning ya!

I did diaper laundry yesterday and as I was pulling them out of the washer, something fell into my hand. Hmm....what is it? A whole, freshly washed, green bean! Totally didn't know it would survive being eaten AND being put through the wash!

Ok, so now we're done with the most "ewww" part...

Most people's reaction to me when I say we use cloth diapers are "WHAT?". Most people think that cloth diapers are for the stone ages, after all, why would you go through all the work and trouble of cloth when you can just get disposables? Well, 1) Disposables are expensive and always seem to run out at the most inopportune time. 2) Cloth are WAY cuter. 3) Cloth are better for baby and planet!
Cloth diapers are manufactured once, using less plastics (therefore oil) than disposables--obvsiously--and the water/detergent that is used to wash them isn't that much in our household. We have a HE washer and since cloth diapers are kinda finnicky on what detergent you can use, we use Seventh Generation detergent. It's fragrance, dye, and optical brightener free. It's also made from plant-based cleaners instead of petroleum based. We use it on all of our laundry so I don't have to buy different stuff. Works awesome! Yes, you do have to mess with poop--but you have to mess with poop in disposables too! Pretty much nobody does it, but you're even supposed to dump the poop from disposables into the toilet too. I promise it says so somewhere on the package. We have a diaper sprayer attached to the toilet that makes it super easy to rinse off the diapers, then they go into the diaper genie (minus the plastic baggie) until it's time to wash. I wash them every other day. We have 16 diapers, but if we want to cloth diaper a newborn, we'll need more--or do laundry a lot more often! Munchkin's diapers were made by a lady in Eagle River, AK, so we even helped out a WAHM instead of buying the diapers from a company! Go check out the cute things she makes at her online store!! I could really go on and on about how awesome these diapers are--very little leaks, a LOT less than with the disposables, very rare diaper rash, already interested in potty training at 15 months, the list goes on. So the next time you find out someone uses cloth, don't say "eww, what do you do with the poop?"

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