Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday afternoon Munchkin and I went to check our mail. She wanted to walk and was actually holding my hand, so we were walking and as we heard a dog bark, she said "Doggie?" I told her that we might see a doggie on our walk, since the house right next to the mailboxes have two dogs that are out often. They weren't out, and they're usually the only dogs I see when I check the mail. I told her that we probably wouldn't see any doggies...but right then, two people let their dogs out, so we didn't see just one doggie, but THREE! Munchkin got SO excited! She showed the level of excitement that is usually reserved for the latest teen heartthrob! "DOGGIE!! DOGGIE!! DOGGIE!!" She got upset that the doggies paid no attention to her--they were too busy barking at each other. She even tried to make me walk over to the fence and got very upset when I made her continue our way home. Thankfully I got her to remember we have our own doggie to see and that got her to get excited to go home and pet her doggie.

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