Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh goodness...

So it has been awhile...but Christmas is a busy time! We surprised Grandpa & Co. on Christmas Eve--they were expecting us on the 26th! We waited until Christmas afternoon to surprise Auntie Em & everyone at her house. I may have let a tiny bit slip....I'm no good at lying and MG called to see how our Christmas morning was going, but they were still surprised to see us! We all got fabulous presents (that are going to be interesting to transport home!) and more importantly, had a great time with the families! Munchkin is starting to come around to everyone, saying "Hi" to more than just me, Daddy, and Lightning. Speaking of Lightning, Munchkin's new word is "Doggie", although it comes out more like "oggie" since she's not so good at the "d" sound yet. She calls EVERY animal she sees an "oggie". We correct her nicely and go on. It's really quite cute. She started attempting to say "Lightning" last night, but I'm not quite sure how it really came out. We've had some adventures this week, and I'm working on our year in review. Welcome 2011. We're not sure what you may hold for us, but we're ready!

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