Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun days in Mommy-land

**Warning...this gets a little gross**

Daddy is having to go into work super early (like be there at 4) last week and this week and Munchkin has been up between 5 and 6 every day. Today she gets up at 4. I go into her room to get her and bring her back to bed with me--I don't really want to get up before 7 if I can help it! I see her blanket piled up in her bed (normal), her pile of stuffed animal friends (normal), and something dark on the other side of her (not normal). I touched it and it wasn't pleasant. I turned on her light--meaning we're now both super duper awake and there's no going back to sleep for either of us--and find that she got sick sometime in the night. I know it wasn't really fresh, but it wasn't really old either. I feel horrible for her. She must not have woken up when she did it, because she didn't cry. Thankfully she didn't get any in her hair or on her friends, but it was all over her pjs, blanket, and one end of her bed.
I do have to say I'm a little glad that this happened on on Monday, since Mondays are the day I wash our sheets. (Thanks FlyLady!) So at least that was happening anyway and I don't have to make a special load for her stuff!
I'm not really sure why she got sick, but she's been her happy, normal self ever since I got her out of bed, so I'm not really worried about it. Here's hoping for a good nap today and that she doesn't get sick again!

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