Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road trip!

Munchkin and I made the trip from home to family...the first time we've done the 6 hour drive without Daddy! All in all, the road wasn't bad. We've had a fabulous visit and are packing up to head home in the morning. It's turned out well since Daddy has been working crazy hours, we wouldn't have seen him much at home anyway! We're having to leave a day early though....because we're headed to San Antonio on Friday! We're going to SeaWorld (happens to be opening weekend it will be CRAZY). I'm super excited because I have never been to SeaWorld! We're staying on the river--with a river view from our room--so we'll have lots of opportunities to explore the riverwalk. We're going to visit the Alamo as well. I just wanted to update since I've been scarce. I'll post some pictures once we get back home, but we're headed to Nachitoches next weekend for their Mardi Gras parades and festivities, so it may be a bit before I'm back on our computer and can upload the pictures!!

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