Thursday, March 31, 2011

A different kind of homecoming

Yesterday my facebook newsfeed was flooded with statues to the effect of "Praying for an Army family who lost their Hero." Turns out I "knew" this family. No, I've never met them, never even spoken to them, but through the internet, I knew this wife. AMKOL has introduced me to many military women, and this is where I "met" this wife. Six soldiers died on Monday, they were getting ready to come home in the next month or so....but now these families are having to get ready for a whole different kind of homecoming. It's not one filled with posters of "I love you Daddy! Welcome Home!" or "Come kiss your wife", it's not balloons and's a flag draped casket, it's planning a funeral service, it's worrying whether or not you're going to be harassed at your Hero's service by people picketing and screaming obscenities at you. Instead of a fun homecoming dress shopping trip, it's picking out your mourning clothes. The homecoming kiss that has been so long awaited will never come. Their two year old son will never get to play with his Daddy again. His daughter will never get to have her Daddy give her away at her wedding. Whether you support this war or not, whether you agree with the politics--SUPPORT THE TROOPS. They're doing their job--whether they agree with the politics or not. They're on the front lines for YOU. Making sure that you are safe here at home. They don't know you, but they fight for you and your family. Thank these brave men and women for their service, keep the fallen Heroes and their families in your prayers. There are 6 more Gold Star families...we salute you and your fallen Heroes. Thank you for everything you've given for our country.

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