Friday, March 11, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #33

1. During military separations (whether short or long) how do you keep yourself positive and motivated? submitted by Married/Single Parent
I try to have some sort of a goal--when we were dealing with deployment, it was Munchkin. First the pregnancy and then of course taking care of her.

2. What is your favorite concert you have ever been to? submitted by Young but Not (Completely) Dumb
The biggest concert I've been to was EdgeFest the summer between my sophomore and junior year. My mom got tickets for my birthday and it was an interesting experience! I'm not really much of a concert person.

3. What do you miss most about your “hometown”? submitted by A Florida Girl and Her Soldier
The little things. A lot of them are places that haven't been everywhere else I've lived--especially here!!

4. If you could run in any race, which charity would you choose to support? submitted by Wookie & Co.
Me. Run. HA! I've tried. The charity I would want to support would be...either March for Babies or something related to the SPCA.

5. You find out Willy Wonka is your father, what 3 course meal do you INSIST he create in that stick of gum? submitted by A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench
Soup--a pumpkin coconut soup I had at Cacharel Restaurant the last time we went. It was AMAZING. Completely pumpkin-y, not coconut-y. Main course--Another Cacharel dish, Pecan Crusted Chicken. Again, amazing! Thankfully this one is a relative regular here at home! Dessert--why not make it a complete Cacharel meal and go with their Chocolate Souffle. I want to try some of their other desserts, but turning down that perfect souffle is really difficult!

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