Friday, April 1, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

What romance movie scene reminds you of your s/o or spouse and the LOVE you share? submitted by Simply Sunshine and Daisy’s

This one is really tough...because honestly, I don't really watch a lot of romance movies! I don't think that we can fit into anything Hollywood can come up with.

If you were allowed to deploy with your husband to a war zone would you and why? submitted by I & J
Definitely not. I've never had any desire to be in the military and if I was just there, I know he would be extremely distracted--and a distracted soldier is a dead soldier.

Have you ever done anything (intentionally, or unintentionally) to embarrass your spouse/significant other in front of his military cohorts? submitted by Marrying the Navy
I don't think so! At least it wasn't embarrassing enough for it to stick in our memory! 

What is your most irrational fear? submitted by Eights on the Move
What's every Army wife's fear? I don't think it's really irrational though, but we can't live our lives in fear. Irrational phobia in life is falling. There's really no basis for this, but such is life. 

If you could only live in one kind of climate for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? submitted by Many Waters
Mid to high 70s/low to mid 80s...warm enough to be outside and all that fun, but cool enough that you're not suffering heat stroke 5 minutes out the door. Oh, biggie--LOW humidity!!!! One thing I can't stand about Louisiana is the humidity!!

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