Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Dress

Last year Munchkin didn't get an Easter dress, but she did get a super cute Easter outfit from Auntie Em. So this year MG and I picked out a pattern and we all picked out fabric and trims...and when MG and Granddaddy came to visit in March, we started the dress. It was all going well until we got to the zipper. We bought an invisible zipper and that requires a special foot for the sewing machine. I have a regular zipper foot, but not an invisible zipper foot. We did all we could before the zipper goes in, MG took it home and put the zipper in with her machine and sent it back. I finally finished it last night at about 12:30am! I started right after Munchkin went to bed and made good friends with my seam ripper. After I finally got the back seam in right, it was time to hem. I didn't get as big a hem on it as it called for, but it turned out just fine. Then it was onto the buttons and buttonholes for the straps. I'd never done buttonholes before and I did it on a scrap piece first and only messed up once! The straps were easy, sewing the buttons on wasn't bad...but the buttons went on the lining, which wasn't attached at the bottom so I had some interesting fixing to do there so that the straps didn't just pull the lining out. The top of the bodice pulled over a little showing the lining (which matched the outside bodice fabric, so it wasn't too bad) and I had to safety pin it in the back since we guess-timated at Munchkin's measurements and it was too big. At least it wasn't too small! I even made her a headband to go with it from a messed up strap when we were trying to get the pattern on the straps to match!

Front of the dress. Originally we were going to put a ribbon of trim around the bottom of the skirt, matching the trim on the bodice but it just didn't look right.

Detail view of the bodice.

The back.


  1. Awwww, it's so cute!!!! You did a great job on it! What pattern did you use?

  2. It was Simplicity inspired by Project Runway 2430. I would definitely say my mom did all the stuff that looks so fabulous! I pretty much just hemmed it and finished off the straps!