Saturday, April 23, 2011

method madness!

Remember MommySalad's method giveaway? And remember how I said I would share about the products once I got them? I haven't yet...because I just got the box last week. Issues with method's PR firm and FABULOUSNESS from MommySalad made it take longer than it should have, but I got two products--kitchen hand wash in basil (smells like grass to me--it's good!) and Wood for Good which is almond scented.
I seriously smelled my table the whole time I was cleaning it--and after too! I'm making a list of all the wood things in the house to clean with it because it smells so fabulous! The table is clean, shiny--but not covered in wax, and so pretty!
The hand wash works SO well--it says that it gets stubborn food odors off of hands. I haven't tested it yet because I don't really use stubborn smelling foods often! It's a different scent, being basil, which is odd at first, but once you're not expecting a citrus smell, it's so great! It's light enough afterward that it's still there, but not overwhelming. It cleans fabulously too--I've used it to clean Munchkin's high chair tray of red sauce things and it got it mostly clean. I've yet to find something that gets the red sauce stain COMPLETELY out of the plastic tray. It's more of a time thing rather than a soap thing.
So there you have it...I officially love method!

**FYI: I received no compensation for this review, I won a giveaway (and posting it to my blog did get me more entries), and wanted to share about these products!

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