Monday, August 15, 2011

Love modern technology!

I do, for a lot of reasons! Today's reason--I'm impatient!! I don't want to wait 10 months (because 40 weeks/4 weeks per month = 10) to find out what my sweet baby is. I waited about 28-30 for Munchkin to be officially declared a girl--she was a modest one!! (And one that HATED ultrasounds or any kind of pressure on her) That was bad enough. Well, today was our 'big' day. Everyone was waiting for 1:15pm AST to come around....of course Daddy's off training so he couldn't witness firsthand, but again, technology made it to where he found out pretty darn quick! First our little one was a little sleepy (after the earlier acrobatics, I can't say I wouldn't be either!) but at least cooperative. When measuring the thigh bone, the tech says "See that? That's a boy!!!" Me: Oh yes, yes that is!!! I'd been thinking boy for awhile, so Mommy intuition is 2 for 2. I'm super excited, although a girl would have been easier in the sense that 1) We've been there, done that when it comes to taking care of a baby girl and 2) We kept almost everything of Munchkin's, so we wouldn't have had to buy much. As it stands, this little guy will be using a pink and brown swing (he's secure enough in his manhood to do that) and we had a few neutral or even flat out 'boy' things for Munchkin that we'll be able to use. I bought him two onesies today, but I'm going to have to make sure I keep that under control! Let me just say that Carter's has the most adorable clothes--for boys AND girls. Now I know what colors of FuzziBunz to not buy (I think there's only two that really scream "Girl" to me, and really, they're diapers. To hold pee and poop. They go under clothes. He'll be ok if he has a purple diaper!) and I'm so excited to really get everything ready for him...even though we have about 19 weeks left! We love you tons already, little guy!

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