Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maternity Sewing

I've been eyeing a top from Lilac Clothing--the Bella top but can't really justify $68+shipping on a shirt! Lilac is featured on BabySteals a lot, but since it is such a popular brand, it goes quickly! Also, I'd really like it with long sleeves instead of short! In the wonderful world of google and stumbleupon, I found There, she's made a pattern for an extremely similar top! I'm a little afraid though, for a handful of reasons. 1) I need to size it up a bit and I've never done that before. 2) I've never worked with 4 way stretch jersey knit and anything new like that is always a little intimidating. 3) I'd want to make it long sleeved, not just 3/4 length so that's again, altering the pattern when I really have no clue about how to really do it. 4) It's an emailed, downloaded, printed onto 19 sheets of paper, taped together pattern. I've never even done well with traditional patterns, I've done best with online tutorials with LOTS of pictures! (Visual learner here)

I'm intimidated by it all...but I can't wait around TOO long if I really want it, although with the wrapping of it, it's flattering pregnant or not and has great reviews as a nursing top too since it's easy to slide over. Add in a strapless tank top a la Undercover Mama, and bam, an unbeatable nursing combo! I'm sure if it didn't make too much of a V-neck, you could even go without the tank top since it's mainly for when you need to pull a shirt up and don't want to expose your tummy and back. These too are featured on BabySteals, but the crazy craft lady in me says "Why even pay BS prices (plus shipping!) when it's such a simple thing? You can do it yourself!!" So I'm sure I'll attempt that at some point (probably by finding tank tops on super clearance sales and cutting the straps off and attaching the latch/hoop).

THEN, there's yet another pattern by Megan at simple ruched side t-shirt. The scary things about the wrap top pertain to this we'll see!

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