Thursday, August 4, 2011

My oh my

I haven't had a 'real' post in a couple months! I didn't even keep up with MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins! PCSing means crazy times! Life is finally starting to resemble what will be our new "normal". MG was here with us until last night, she had to return to HER normal sometime, right? We miss her already, but don't miss the rain she managed to hook to the plane--now lets all hope it makes it all the way to Texas! I can't even begin to think of all the things that have happened that are blog-worthy...but we survived 13 days in the car with three adults, one toddler, and one dog. We survived Canada--where we almost had immigration issues since they refused to comply with a treaty that they've signed (by the way, military members traveling on PCS orders DO need something other than active ID and orders...even though the Army will tell you til they're blue in the face that it's all you need. Thank goodness we had his birth certificate with us!) We survived the nothingness that is the Alaska Highway. We survived waiting almost a month for our HHG to be delivered, even though they sat in Anchorage for about 3 of those weeks. We're surviving our first big separation since Munchkin's been in the picture. It's going well, she even brought her pull phone in this morning and said she was talking to Daddy.
Speaking of Munchkin updates, that's the big one! Her speech is EXPLODING. She's gotten 4 new words in two days. One of them, girl, completely out of the blue. I was arranging my Cinderella collectibles on the new shelf and she points to one of the dolls and says "Girl". MG and I both looked at her in shock! She says "meow" when she sees a cat or if you ask her what a cat says, she has an adorable "woof" for what puppies say, she says and signs ball, she signs thank you and will do it without being reminded! Following directions is really getting amazing too, she's starting to follow along with the more interactive TV shows (ie The Wiggles) but gets upset if we try to dance too. Today I started making a note on my phone about her speech, because I know that they'll ask me how many words and signs she knows and I'll give them a blank stare and say ", let's see.." because I'm so used to them I don't remember them all! I love seeing the list grow, she's finally coming into being a little chatterbox...just like her Mommy!
Something else that she's learned to imitate Mommy...since we moved, that means hanging pictures, assembling furniture, etc. That means hammers, drills, screws, nails. MG found her a stepstool/tool box combo at Toys"R"Us and she is OBSESSED with the hammer. She refuses to put it away. She walks around the house hammering on everything. When we were hanging pictures yesterday she would hammer along with me. I just have to make sure she only hammers on our walls, not the walls that we share with our neighbors!
Another big change in her life: her big girl bed! When we got our HHG delivered, it didn't make sense to put her crib together as a crib when we would be changing it to a toddler bed soon (gotta love the 3/4-in-1 cribs!). She has done AMAZING, only one night she wanted to keep getting up, but we shut her door, also for light reasons, and as far as I can tell, she doesn't get up at night. She gets up in the morning and plays with her stuffed animals and books. When she's ready to be released (or if she has an exceptionally full diaper) she lets me know! We put the baby monitor back in her room, after debating whether to have it there, the playroom (she has a real playroom!!), or keep it for the baby's room. It's nice for me to check on her in the morning when she starts to stir but isn't really ready to get up. She goes up to take a nap super well, she goes to see Daddy Bear when she goes to bed. He's the keeper of the paci during non sleeping times. She's being an amazingly good little girl!
Anchorage feels the most like home of anywhere we've lived in the past 5 years, so we've really fallen back into life up here. As much as I'm going to hate the snow, I'll still be a little excited for it. We're happy to be back in Alaska and hope to stay here as long as they'll let us!

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