Thursday, September 8, 2011

Such a big girl!!

We've been in the process of weaning Munchkin off of her paci for the past 6 months or so. At the beginning we started taking it away during the day at home, she was allowed to have it in the car and in bed. We got the car to be paci free pretty quick--but it all went out the window on the 13 day trip from LA to AK! I didn't care WHEN she had it, if it was helping her cope, it was helping us ALL cope! Once we got up here it went back to being a bed only item. That was fine. Everyone was ok with it. About two weeks ago I noticed there was a tiny little spot on her paci that was a little nicked. So I started keeping a close eye on it to make sure it didn't become a choking hazard.
Last week it got a hole in the side, but still ok. I wasn't going to buy her any new paci's, so we were just waiting for this one to die. Two days ago it's torn 3/4 of the way around it--it's now reached choking hazard status. Of course I notice this at nap time (I would look at it before I gave it to her). I told Munchkin to just hold it and not put it in her mouth. I think she put it in her mouth twice and realized that it's REALLY not doing it for her because the suction was gone. She went to sleep quickly--like normal--and once she got up from her nap, I ripped the top all the way off so it was just done.
Bedtime rolls around...I'm prepared for WWIII to break out because of no paci. Daddy insists on keeping her up 15-20 minutes late because they were snuggling so he put her to bed. Fine with me! She put the paci in her mouth once, made a face, and handed it to him. Blew kisses and waved him out the door--just like normal!! It did take her a little longer to actually go to sleep, but she never fussed, cried, or got out of bed. I wanted to do a small little happy dance!!
Yesterday's nap: There was WWIII I was waiting for. I took her upstairs for nap about 11:45 (which is pretty typical for her to go take a nap about 12 with a 15 minute leeway either way)....she screamed, cried, played, fussed, banged on her door, etc. until she fell asleep about 2. I went to console/comfort her countless times, once I found her in her rocking chair, clutching her comb, almost passed out--we're both happy I caught her when I did because she was about to fall sideways and knock her head on the arm of the chair!! Of course yesterday was the day we had to be somewhere in the afternoon (we got to go look at cloth diapers for the baby!!) but she was surprisingly happy and in a good mood!! I was scared for bedtime....but I didn't need to be. Once she was changed into her pjs, she demanded that I read her a book and then she wanted a book to take to bed. Blew kisses and waved me out the door. Oook.
Today's nap went much smoother than yesterday but not quite as smooth as bedtimes. She protested and cried for a few minutes, but went to sleep quickly and slept well.
So now we're proud to say that Munchkin is paci-free!!! Best part--she's not substituting fingers/thumb! I'm so glad that she's off of the paci by 2 (especially since it'll be about 3 weeks by the time we have her "2 year" checkup) and the doc won't be able to gripe! I'm hoping and crossing fingers that we won't need to use a paci for the baby, but I wasn't planning on Munchkin using one either. So if the kid needs it, we'll use it, but I'm not going to automatically stick one in his mouth!!

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