Friday, November 4, 2011

Another two-fer!

I'm thankful for Munchkin!! She's a handful, but aren't all 2 year olds? She's sweet, funny, smart...all the wonderful things she needs to be!!! She's also stubborn and picky. I love those things about her too! She's just recently learned the concept of "saying sorry" and if you say "Ow", she immediately responds with "Sowwy" as many times as she needs to before you tell her that you're ok. She gives kisses to owies, she gives hugs and kisses to Brother, she's starting to say "Love you" back to us. She's also resisting nap time, being stubbornly and sometimes infuriatingly independent, and occasionally having super duper grumpy moods. Still, an amazing little girl who I'm incredibly thankful to be able to be her Mama.

I'm thankful for Fridays. I know, aren't we all? Some might think "What does Friday matter for a SAHM like you?"...well, it's not that *I* look forward to Fridays so much, it's that M gets off earlier on Fridays, so that means more Daddy/Daughter time, which they both LOVE--so I love it too! Plus Friday starts the weekend and generally, M gets the full weekend so we have lots of family time! So maybe, it's not so much that I'm thankful for Fridays, but I'm thankful for family time. What I really can't wait for is when we're able to spend time as a family of 4!!

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