Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's that time of year again!!!

I can't believe it's November already! Thanks to some friends on facebook, I remembered the 'thankful' posts from last year. I want to make this a yearly thing, but the fact that it's November was lost on me! So today it'll be a 2-for-1!!

I'm thankful for M's job switch. Everything it changes, everything it means for him, his career, our's just amazing. It means he doesn't have to walk away from Munchkin for a year...she doesn't even like him leaving for work every day! He doesn't have to miss out on our son's first year either, which is amazing! I think that's the biggest thing I'm thankful for this year, simply because it's what impacts our family the most!!

I'm thankful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Today was another prenatal checkup and with some of my "normal" things, they wanted more monitoring just to be safe--and I heard the best words out of a nurse's mouth: "Your baby is doing absolutely fabulous!" I slipped on the stairs last night after putting Munchkin to bed, I only bounced down one or two steps on my rear, so baby probably thought we were going for a joy ride, but it was still extra reassuring to know that everything's going ok in there!! (And yes, my doctor agreed with me that waiting til my appointment today was the right thing since there was no bleeding or sign of labor and he kept up his usual evening acrobatics.)

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