Monday, November 7, 2011

Triple threat!

I'm really bad about updating daily...oh well, such is life!

I'm thankful for friends. We went to celebrate a friend's daughter's first birthday today. Her actual birthday isn't until early December, but her Daddy is deploying and may or may not be here for it, and her Grandma and Aunt were visiting, so it only made sense for them to celebrate early. Munchkin likes to play with her and even tried to say her name...but of course her favorite part was exclaiming, "CAKE!". It was a great afternoon spent with friends for us and her...and one of the guests was a little 4 month old boy, Munchkin LOVED looking at the baby and did not like when he cried at all! It was great to catch a glimpse of her big sister self!

I'm thankful for the snow. Yes, you read that correctly. This Texas girl is totally ok with multiple feet of snow for multiple months now. I may be slightly less enthusiastic about it come March, heck, even January--mainly because then I'll be wrangling Munchkin AND a newborn through the snow, but there is even too much of a good thing. What's changed my mind, you may ask. Munchkin. This is the first time she's been able to play in the snow. There's not much for a 2-6 month old to do in the snow, so she didn't get to 'enjoy' her first winter in Alaska, then she had a good Southern winter last year. She LOVES the snow so much. She loves getting her snow suit on, which is so nice that she's cooperative in such a long, involved process! Watching her discover the new ways to play outside, explore how snow "works" and how she can manipulate it is so precious. Kiddos definitely change the way you view the world!!

I'm thankful for my awesome husband. He does so much to take care of us. Example: This morning, after it snowing like CRAZY last night--huge flakes, coming down fast...gorgeous to watch, not so gorgeous to clean up in the morning!--he not only cleaned off his car to be able to go to work (the only thing he HAD to do), he also cleaned off my car, AND shoveled the driveway! Granted, it was still snowing pretty hard so it doesn't look like he did much, but there's that much less on my car should I need to clean it off to leave today. He's given me death glares if I so much as think of shoveling any of the snow, as much as I really wouldn't mind helping clear off the driveway and deck, it's off limits. (Again, he's trying to make sure that both me and baby are ok!)

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