Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy days

So Lil' Man is 3 months old....boy oh boy time has flown!! A super duper treat for me was presented by Crowdtap--a FREE Old Navy dress! Seriously, can't beat free! I did have a hard time finding a dress that worked for me, most of them were too flimsy to feel comfortable, had odd waists, shapeless, not for my body type (horizontal stripes, anyone?), or not nursing friendly. I expected my options of nursing friendly dresses to be slim, but a couple I was excited to try on were absolutely horrid! I actually got one I had initially dismissed! After I tried it on, I realized that it really does work! I need to get some tights to go under it because it's still too chilly for a short dress (I'm kinda excited that the thermometer on my back porch is reading 44!), but that's not too hard! Another upside of tights--an extra layer of modesty running after Munchkin!! When the weather is warmer, I can go sans tights...but we'll take the warm up as it comes!