Friday, May 18, 2012

My 2 cents

Everyone and their dog knows about the controversy the TIME cover has created....and just about every blogger has posted something about why not join in? Here's my take:
I'm not pleased with the portrayal of an "extended" breastfeeding relationship. I know that the photo was chosen to excite controversy and interest, and then of course adding "Are you mom enough?" just added fuel to the fire. I'm not going to go into whether nursing a child that long is good or not. I know that I've done my research and I'll do what I feel is best for my family and not worry about what others are doing when it comes to that. I have enough to worry about, judging someone else's breastfeeding relationship isn't something I have time to deal with.
My answer to "Are you mom enough?" is this: You're "mom enough" when you love your child and do what you feel is best for your family. Simple enough. While I do agree with most of the attachment parenting style (I like babywearing, we're cosleeping with Lil' Man--and I coslept with Munchkin for 5ish months before Daddy came home!--, and I aim to breastfeed until at least 2 (per WHO recommendations) and at that point we'll see. We didn't make it there with Munchkin, being pregnant got in the way, but I am happy to say that Munchkin quit on her own, as in, one night, she simply didn't ask for it. So that's that. Do I think that it's the right thing for everyone? No. I do believe that breastfeeding is the better choice, but I do recognize that it is a choice and I just hope that parents are doing their research and putting a lot of thought into how they feed their children. I can't waste time worrying about it though, I have my own two kids to take care of! It all boils down to love your kids and do your best, it's all anyone can ask. You're not a bad mom because you work, you're not a good mom because you stay home. Mommy wars aren't doing any good for anyone (except to sell magazines!), I know it's almost impossible to never judge anyone, but when you find that thought going through your head, just let it keep on going. Don't dwell on it. Like one of my yoga instructors has said when we're in savasana, it's impossible to stop thinking, but just let those thoughts be in a river and float on by. You don't have to really acknowledge those thoughts or engage them.
A funny that's caught my attention "I knew everything about raising kids before I had them!"

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