Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where did April go?

So I realized I didn't post anything at all in April!! Life's been crazy, but not too crazy. I think we're in our  "normal crazy" now. In March, we joined The Alaska Club because Mark wasn't working out on the weekends because we're too far from post to make it worthwhile to him by the time they open. In other words, he's an awesome Daddy and didn't want to spend most of his Saturdays away from the family! I wasn't going to Curves because he wasn't getting home early enough for me to go and eat dinner with the family--I'd have to choose one or the other! Family won most often. (Which, to me, isn't a bad thing. Family should be first.) So TAC has childcare. Pretty much, right then, they win.
Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of me going to the gym every weekday. I've lost 7.8lbs as of this past Monday. My total goal is currently 40lbs (which was given to me by the trainers and the program they use to calculate all the fat/muscle/bone composition and what needs to be what percent), so I'm almost a 1/4 way there! I've been using LoseIt! on my phone to track food and exercise--and it says that I should reach my goal in September, with losing 1.5lbs/week.
My current routine is Mon, Wed, Fri I use the "fancy elliptical" (a Precor AMT), do weight training with the Nautilus machines with a fitness instructor (pretty much he's my free trainer, love the free part!), and then finish up with some time on the stationary bike. Tues & Thurs are my favorite days because they're yoga days!! I also do some time on the AMT too. (Except today...we ran late and I didn't have time before yoga.) Saturdays there's a yoga class I like, but we're iffy on it because we like to do fun things on Saturdays too, so it gets tossed more often than not, but still a good class if we make it.
So since this has totally turned into a workout post...I'll keep going that way. I've been noticing the little differences that make a world of difference. Like how I can now go from a modified plank to crocodile in yoga class (a slow, controlled tricep push-up, without the -up). When I started, I was either up or down. NO strength to control the movement. It's hard, don't get me wrong, but I can actually kinda do it! That's definitely thanks to keeping it up in class and the tricep machine in the weight section!! Another little thing that came about today....I've noticed that I'm stronger/more balanced on my right, but more flexible on my left. Today we did standing pigeons and it was totally easy for me to stay balanced--on both sides!! The pose has it's challenges (like I could definitely go lower, but I did pretty danged good!), but I actually did very well! If you'd told me 3 weeks ago that I'd be doing that, and full forward bends, and everything else that's coming "easily" (with lots of work), I'd have laughed! But I am!!!! (and I'm cringing starting a sentence with 'but'...but I can't help it!) Tomorrow we'll be upping the weights on most of the machines...and I look forward to it. My 'trainer' loves working with me because I don't say no. (Obviously he's not going to ask me to do something crazy that could hurt me) He asks if I can make the 12 reps. I won't let myself do less. He's taught me good form and to keep it slow, so I do. I'm up to the challenge of higher weights. My thought process goes like this: I only benefit from doing it right and keeping it challenging. Doing it wrong, at the very best, just doesn't do anything, and could lead to injury at worst. Why would I want to waste my time? I want to use that time to get better!!! I feel weird if I don't go to the gym now (like last Thursday, when I had to save my childcare time for a massage that evening...totally worth it, but felt weird that morning!!). I like to think that's a good thing. The downside?? I'm running out of workout clothes. I don't have enough really, and what I do have, I'm shrinking out of!! (Not really a 'bad' thing, but an inconvenience nonetheless) So that's what I've been up to this past month!!

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