Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dare I say it?

Dare I say that Munchkin is potty trained? Am I going to curse myself? So far, no! Of course this is only day-time...we'll worry about the night-time as it comes. Getting her down to only one diaper a day though? Super fabulous. I'll take it, thankyouverymuch. We're lucky that we've been able to have a big enough cloth stash for both kiddos, so I'm not buying anything extra or even really doing any extra laundry because of her. I think that has made me a little more lax about getting her trained, too. If I were having to buy sposies--whether that be diapers or pull-ups--I think I'd be a lot more insistent that she not need to use them anymore! She has 2 pair of Blueberry trainers (another awesome steal from BabySteals!) that we've been using, but the other day they were both in the wash....so she got to wear her Minnie panties to the gym and did super fabulous! Minnie's been a big part of this journey. We had 101 Dalmatian and Cinderella panties (or puppies and princess, if you're Munchkin) but she didn't love them the way she loves her Minnie Mouse ones! She's a Minnie Mouse fanatic.
One of our biggest hurdles was public. The playcenter at the gym has tiny toilets (saying that always makes me think of Despicable Me...) but even those frightened little Munchkin. She would tell us she had to go, I'd get her to a toilet and she'd back away and cry "nonononono!" until I took her away. I honestly don't know how she got over it other than she did. One day she used the tiny toilet at the gym and accepted it, but was still afraid of 'giant toilets' everywhere else. She did ok at home with her froggy potty and her princess seats for the regular toilets, but since I wasn't going to cart her princess seat everywhere, that didn't help us when we were out and about. A couple weeks ago though, we were at Moose's Tooth and I took her to the bathroom. At first, she didn't want to, but I gently forced the issue, then BAM! it worked. She sat on the giant toilet (clutching me for dear life, of course, but hey, it's further than we'd been before!) and now she hasn't shown any more fear!
I've been hesitating on getting a travel seat because I seriously don't need ANOTHER thing, let alone another bulky thing, in the diaper bag. It's a great bag if you use sposies, an ok bag for 1 kid in cloth, and an eh bag for two in cloth. Between the diapers, extra clothes, the nursing cover that I hardly use (but keep because it's been so much more than a nursing cover), Munchkin's EpiPen, snacks, diaper trash bags for when we forget the wetbag (actually, they're left over from using sposies...I keep forgetting they're in there), and oh yeah don't forget the wipes, that bag is FULL. So now, I'm saying screw the travel seat and going on with life! Woohoo! 
My favorite part of this whole process is when she goes in her potty and says "Woohoo! I did it! So proud!" Second favorite? A part I was kindly warned about by Auntie Em....my own personal cheerleader. So far I haven't had to deal with an experience in somewhere like, let's say Target, but I'm sure it's coming! However, I did get applauded at the Ped's office, but I was lucky that they're private bathrooms (thank you ADA compliant bathrooms!) so it wasn't quite so public.
Now I get to work on naps & night...then breathe until it's Lil' Man's turn. I can only hope that keeping him in cloth will help.


  1. so happy to be a new follower..and to meet a fellow milspouse cd-ing mama! whooop! There are these amazing stick on seats that are big so the kids can actually hold themselves up on the public toliets and still not be touching the seat. I got them at Babies R Us! major lifesavers on our cross country move. Amazing! how do you like the blueberries? we have some qtbunns that I really like for nighttime. My son was older when he was completely potty trained and I never had any issues with him over night....in fact that's how I knew he was really really ready because he was always dry in the morning. My daughter, who is three, has a really hard time at night, even if we cut her off from water. It's weird

  2. We love the bluberry trainers! My only complaint is that we bought mediums and probably should've gotten larges. (We got them from babysteals) I was excited for the idea that our son could wear them as well, but since he's turning out to be a large baby, that may not happen. My favorite overnight dipe for Munchkin is our BabyKicks with it's hemp and one of the bamboo soakers we had from her original set of dipes. My fave for Lil Man is our Kawaii with a random microfiber insert and a bamboo soaker. (3/4 of our stash was bought secondhand--our only new diapers were babysteals or gifts!