Sunday, September 16, 2012

Food allergy jackpot...

Munchkin had her birthday party yesterday and after it was over, we thought we could relax. Mark had made a really nice fruit/cheese tray and we had leftovers, so we were all snacking. Mark asked if Lil Man could have some cheese. He's almost 9 months, so I said why not. Not long after, he was super fussy (which we thought was him just being tired), so I tried to put him to sleep--and that's when I noticed his poor little face broken out in a horrible bout of hives. Then came the excess drooling. We were on Skype with Grandma and Grandpa so they could tell Munchkin happy birthday and see her playing with her toys when I made the call that he needed to go to the hospital. A quick goodbye (and an explanation after we got to the ER!) and we were on our way. I made him fuss the whole way so I knew he was still breathing and we got there pretty quickly. It was a busy night for the ER (when is it not?) so we had to wait a little bit. He started getting better as we were waiting, but still having huge amounts of mucus and his eyes were still red and swollen. They finally called us back to Triage and got his vitals (he's about 22lbs now!) and gave him a huge dose of Benadryl. They sent us back to the waiting room because they were full and within about 10 minutes, his face was completely clear and he was ready to nurse and sleep. Breathing was normal, no more drooling, no more huge sneezes with yucky Mark went up to the front desk and told them we were leaving, signed the paperwork, and home we went. This morning you'd never know he had an ER date last night! I've got a reminder on my phone set to call his pediatrician in the morning when they open (I know the ER doc would've said we needed a ped follow-up) to let them know what happened and get in to see them to figure out where we're gonna go from here. I'd already asked when we should get him allergy tested since we know he's at a higher risk of being allergic since Munchkin has such a laundry list and was told they typically do that at 12 months. I'm going to ask if we can do that earlier because I don't want a repeat of last night!!! I'm sure that his allergies will be the opposite of hers just to make our lives more interesting!!

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