Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome home guys!

The unit that Mark was with has been making their way home! If he hadn't gotten changed into a different unit, the past 10 months would have been very, very different for us. He still had plenty of friends that were gone though, and last night we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate a good friend's return! I'm so happy that he's home with his family (a super sweet wife and an adorable little girl), and even Munchkin said "That make me so happy!" when I told her that her friend's daddy was home after being gone a long time. I'm definitely excited to catch up with them! I honestly have no idea if the entire unit is home yet or not--since I have no official tie to the unit, I don't get updates, as it should be, but if they aren't all home, they should all be on the way at least. 
Of course, there are the guys that aren't coming home, and my heart goes out to those families. The ones who have already welcomed their soldier home and said goodbye in a completely different way. I can only pray that everyone involved can get the healing they need after this deployment. 
It's hard to believe that the time has gone so fast, but then again, I know that the time seems completely different when you're staring down a deployment! I'm just watching the time fly by, watching the kiddos grow in leaps and bounds every time I blink! 

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